Careers & Work Experience

Careers and Work Experience

With the advent of globalization, Canadians are increasingly working in contact with multiple languages in many aspects of daily life.

Credit courses offered by the Department of English, Languages, and Cultures – Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin American Studies, and Spanish – provide various points of entry into achieving a better understanding of the world we live in.

Beginners’ Language courses are perfect for holidays, and for getting by in various foreign countries.  Further language studies can complement degrees in Anthropology, Communication, Education, English, Humanities, Journalism, Policy Studies, and Sociology, for example.

Further language studies provide students with the foundational preparation to pursue a variety of career paths: government services, diplomacy, journalism, broadcasting, business, translation and interpretation, education and teaching second languages in Canada or abroad, etc.

Through culture courses, students can deepen their understanding of world cultures, learn how to function effectively in a variety of social and global contexts, and gain cross-cultural skills.

Exchange programs with universities in Europe, Asia, and Latin America give students opportunities to experience a different culture, practice language and communication skills, and develop new friendships. International Education at Mount Royal provides many study abroad opportunities. Visit: