Patrick H. Carmichael

Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Mount Royal University
Research Associate, Institute of Andean Studies, Berkeley, California

Office: B 349S
Phone: 403.440.8543 (leave message at 403.440.6425)
Email: pcarmichael@mtroyal.ca

B.A. Honours, Anthropology/Religious Studies, University of Winnipeg
M.A., Anthropology, Trent University
Ph.D., Archaeology, University of Calgary



  • Andean Archaeology, Ethnohistory, Ethnography, Inca and Nasca cultures
  • Archaeology of the Americas, Sociopolitical Evolution, World Archaeology
  • Ceramic analysis, mortuary analysis, iconography


Teaching Awards and Honours:

2015 Teaching Excellence Award, Student's Union
           Mount Royal University

2013 Certificate of Excellence, Nexen Scholars Program
           For work that advances the practice and profession of teaching.
           Mount Royal University


Recent Publications:

2017, Patrick Carmichael, “Iconographic Evidence of Nasca Genesis”, in Nasca, C. Pardo and P. Fux (eds.), Museo de Arte de Lima and Rietberg Museum, Zurich. pp. 154-165.

2016, Patrick Carmichael, “Nasca Origins and Paracas Progenitors”, Ñawpa Pacha, Journal of Andean Archaeology, Vol. 36, No. 2, pp. 53-94.

2015, Patrick Carmichael. "Proto-Nasca Art and Antaras". Ñawpa Pacha, Journal of Andean Archaeology, Volume 35, Number 2, pp. 117–172.

2014, Patrick Carmichael, Brenda V. Kennedy, and Lauren Cadwallader.  "Coastal but not Littoral: Marine Resources in Nasca Diet". Ñawpa Pacha, Journal of Andean Archaeology, Volume 34, Number 1, pp. 3–26.

2013, Patrick Carmichael. "Regionalism in Nasca Style History", Andean Past 11 (2013): 215-231.

2011, Patrick Carmichael and Margy MacMillian. "Teaching Source Credibility Evaluation To Undergraduates: A Reflective Dialogue". Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp. 1–8.

Current Archaeology Research:
Multi-year research project:
Nasca Pottery of Ancient Peru: A Study in Style and Time
Analysis of 2,000 pottery vessels from a 700-year time span, detailing manufacture, shape, and iconography

Historical Novels:  www.inca-adventure.com/
Inca Moon Chronicle I
Inca Moon Chronicle II