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Anupam Das

Anupam Das's research interests broadly include the economics of developing countries. In his research, Anupam has studied the effects of remittances, foreign aid, openness, and energy consumption on macroeconomic performances of developing countries. He has also served as a Consultant in different international organizations including the World Bank, UNDP and ActionAid.

Anupam DasGrowing up in Bangladesh, Anupam recognizes the particular challenges faced by many developing countries that make it difficult for them to enhance sustained economic growth and development. These challenges include constraints of both financial and natural resources that are required for achieving development goals. Unfortunately, mobilization of these resources is beyond the capacity of most of the developing countries. It was thus an obvious choice for Anupam to study the effectiveness of external resources such as foreign aid and remittances in developing economies. In an ongoing project, Anupam and his co-investigator Dr. John Serieux (University of Manitoba) are estimating the amount of foreign resources used by developing countries to finance external debt servicing and capital flight. In essence, this study examines the actual effect of foreign resources on domestic economic activities in those countries.

While working as a Consultant at the World Bank, Anupam worked in a project that was involved in strengthening the research capacity of Bangladesh's Central Bank. With the assistance of the World Bank Institute, Bangladesh's Central Bank established a Policy Analysis Unit (PAU) to help the Bank to initiate timely decisions and disseminate the information in order to ensure efficiency of economic activities.

In recent years, Anupam has examined other growth-enhancing factors for developing countries, including economic openness, energy consumption, inflation-targeting policies, and information and communication technology (ICT). While his primary area of research is developing economies, Anupam has also studied the labour market of Canada and the UK and financial market of Japan. Some of his recent publications are given below:

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