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New Student Advising

Congratulations on your offer of admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Mount Royal University! Your Business Advisors have put together some important information for students newly admitted to the BBA.

Registration for the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters begins on April 6, 2020, unless you've signed up for our New Student Registration Day event on April 2 and 3.


Bachelor of Business Administration Program Advising Guide

New High School Students

Step 1: Review the appropriate program advising guide (above) for registration information and recommended first-year courses for your major.

Step 2: Use the General Education list of approved courses, the online Interactive Course Search and/or the course descriptions in the Academic Calendar to assist with course selection.

Step 3: Use the tutorials available at

Step 4: Visit the Credit Registration website for answers to common registration related questions such as error messages and wait listing for courses. You can also contact the Registration Help Line by phone at 403.440.3303 or by email (from your email account) to

Transfer Students (from MRU Open Studies, University Entrance Option, or another post-secondary institution) Step 1: Understand your degree. You are fulfilling three degree components: you will need 26 courses for your major (16 core courses and 10 major courses), 10 General Education courses, and four electives, for a total of 40 courses. Please access your mruGradU8 program audit to help understand how transfer credit is being applied to your BBA degree program. Go to myMRU, find the My Program link and then find the icon for mruGradU8. Click on the icon to open your audit and click on "Process New" to refresh the information. In addition to your mruGradU8 audit, it helps to review the BBA program information in the 2019/2020 Academic Calendar.

Step 2: Plan your courses. The mruGradU8 audit details the course requirements and components of the BBA program. Use this tool for course planning. For additional help with course selection, you can use the General Education list of approved courses. Electives are any three-credit course of interest. You can also explore possible courses by searching the Interactive Course Search or using the 2019/2020 Academic Calendar course descriptions. Please make note of course prerequisites before registering. Course selection for General Education and electives is completely up to you.

Step 3: Register for your courses. Once you have settled on some courses, you can use the schedule of classes found in your myMRU Register & Pay page - Look up courses. You can find credit registration assistance information on the Student Registration & Records website. If you are new to Mount Royal, registration access will begin April 8. If you are a current MRU student new to the BBA, check for an earlier registration access date on your myMRU Register & Pay page - click on the "When can I register?" link. You do not need to meet with an Advisor prior to registering for your courses.

Step 4: Getting even better credit. If some of your transfer credit does not appear to be very specific (e.g. UNSP 1XXX or SLGY 2XXX) and you think you have completed equivalent content to specific course requirements you see in the audit, you will want to submit course outlines from your previous institutions to help determine more specific transfer credit. You can find information online about the process. If you think your previous coursework provides the depth and breadth comparable to MRU's GNED and would like to have a conversation about this, please email the GNED Advisor (from your email account) at

Note: International applicants are only assessed for eight equivalencies as part of the admission process. If you think you have more courses that could be used in your degree (e.g. additional electives), you need to contact to ask them to evaluate additional courses.

Step 5: More help is available. If you feel you need more assistance, you can contact a Business Advisor to understand how your transfer credit is being applied to your program and to assist you with determining courses for Fall registration. Contact the Business Advisors (from your email account) at

Step 6: Interested in Cooperative Education ? Newly admitted transfer students are encouraged to apply for the Co-operative Education program, even if the published deadline has passed, as there may still be room depending on your intended major or concentration.

Certificate Students (Advanced Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing)Information for newly admitted students to the Advanced Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing certificates is available on the Program Advising website.

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