Why Innovation & Entrepreneurship?

Whether you’re applying for your dream job, making a positive impact on the world, or starting a venture, mastering innovation and having an entrepreneurial mindset will help you get there. Your journey through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor or Concentration will include rekindling your creativity, discovering leadership and collaboration, developing a problem solving mindset, and building valuable connections that will serve you long after graduation. Through hands on experience, you’ll learn to turn ideas into action, how to proficiently communicate those ideas through storytelling, while unleashing your creative potential, no matter what discipline you pursue at Mount Royal University.

Students that develop entrepreneurial minds are innovators that transform companies of all sizes, drive social change, create new ventures, and build dynamic communities.

At the core of being innovative and entrepreneurial are student's ambitions and individuality. Our students come from across campus to customize their entire learning experience to fit around the things that make them unique. They are provided with every opportunity to make their entrepreneurial ambitions a reality. Unlike many other university programs, the entrepreneurial experience at Mount Royal is focused on creating and nurturing an innovative mindset for the individual rather than simply learning the steps to starting a business.

Our students can marry their personal passions and entrepreneurial skills to impact the world, satisfy their ambition to start a new venture, or uncover their true passions to chart a fulfilling career. The experience our students gain as innovators set them far apart from their colleagues and peers. Whether they are walking into a job interview or an investors pitch, they have remarkable stories that showcase their hands-on learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. Students that experience innovation and entrepreneurship at Mount Royal gain qualities that are on everyone’s must-hire list.

Career Opportunities

There are many myths about what it means to be an entrepreneur. While starting a venture is one path, it’s certainly not the only thrilling outcome of building an entrepreneurial mindset. Students who graduate from Mount Royal University go on to do incredible things. Whether you are looking to join one of Calgary’s fastest growing companies, to innovate within our longest standing industries, or to drive social change leaving a positive impact on people and our planet, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to make your goals a reality, both locally and globally.

Students utilize the Minor as a stepping stone to innovate within their field of studies, such as Computer Information Systems, Science, Nursing, Arts, Social Innovation, and Anthropology. Students who graduate with a BBA Concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship go on to be Product Managers, Sales, Business Development, and Founders.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a path that can take you in many exciting directions, it’s up to you to imagine the possibilities and to discover what it takes to make it a reality.

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