Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Mount Royal University faculty and staff recognize the interdisciplinary value of an entrepreneurial mindset and weave it throughout our curricular and extra-curricular programs. The skills learned in our innovation and entrepreneurship classes are vital to the success of any business - large or small, corporate or not-for-profit, local or global. Mount Royal students learn to recognize, create and launch opportunities. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor is offered to students from across campus. Strategically designed to encourage students to add this expertise to their current interests, many are GNEDS.

• You want to spark your creativity and curiosity
• You want to work for an organization that embraces change
• You want permission to try and fail and be rewarded for what you’ve learned
• You want to unleash that idea you’ve been noodling on
• You want to learn through experience, not through a textbook 

*Please consult the Mount Royal University site or your Academic Adviser regarding full program requirements.



ENTR 2301 The Entrepreneurial Experience 

This experiential course develops an understanding of innovation and builds awareness of the practical experiences of entrepreneurs. Students participate in experiential activities and competitions, and learn using a practical framework that integrates current research, practice and lessons learned from people who have started impactful businesses with limited resources.

ENTR 3302 Creativity For The Entrepreneurial Practice

This course introduces the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurial creativity. Students draw upon the inspired thinking and entrepreneurial pursuits of leaders in a variety of disciplines in order to understand the process of innovation and appreciate the role of creativity in making innovation possible. Emphasizing the development of the student’s own entrepreneurial creativity and ability to innovate, the experiential and reflective activities in this course encourage students to explore their potential as passionate agents of change – in their own lives and in society. Students engage in activities to push them beyond their comfort zone and to practice development of their own Innovator’s DNA.


ENTR 4332 Venture Launch

You will be immersed in the issues encountered by entrepreneurs while modeling and assessing the feasibility of opportunities. In this block week course you will create a minimum viable product (MVP) and test it alongside your team members, encouraging you to pivot and iterate rapidly.

ENTR 3305 Art of the Pitch

Develop your entrepreneurial communications skills to help you prepare for and present your business ideas to prospective investors, partners, employees and customers. Though Art of the Pitch, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with Calgary Founders through the ATB BoostR program.

ENTR 3370 Innovation, Society and the Enterprise

In this course, students will be equally introduced to theories and practical understanding of private initiatives for public purpose. Current social realities have generated a paradigm shift in relation to the interface of business and society. This new paradigm sees innovation and market models as venues to address social challenges. The course explores the foundations of the social economy and relates them to the necessary entrepreneurial thinking of organizational structures and operating systems. Students will be exposed to the social context of social enterprises through service learning or other experiential activities.

ENTR 4344 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ENTR 4433 Business Plan Development

Entrepreneurship is having a dramatic impact on our cultural, economic, environment and is a critical component of all industries and professions. Entrepreneurship takes creativity, innovation plus persistence and skills to pursue and capitalize on an opportunity. This course is a systematic and integrated study and application of the processes and strategies involved in building a New Venture Business Plan. It draws upon your prior business learning. In teams of three (3), students have the opportunity to explore, based on course criteria, their entrepreneurial or industry interests via the development of an innovative Business Concept. The preparation of a comprehensive Business Plan for their innovative Business Concept is the outcome of this course and is based on course criteria: Capital Investment of $450.0 (Team Equity $250.0 plus Bank Loan of $200.0); generating Annual Total Revenue of between $700.0 to $1.0million; having a minimum of three (3) integrated and robust Revenue Streams; comprising at least 70% Products (to be discussed); plus employing at least six (6) people (at least 3 full-time). This outcome, and the attitude, skills and experiences required to successfully complete a Business Plan, are transferrable to any organizational setting.

ENTR 4343 Growing the Enterprise

Gain insights and work through the challenges of taking a venture from development into the growth stage. If you do not already have your own venture, you will have the opportunity to identify challenges a real local startup faces, and work alongside them to come up with viable solutions. 

SINV 3306 Agents of Social Change


*Please consult the Mount Royal University site or your Academic Adviser regarding full program requirements.