Innovation Tournament

How do you create value from an everyday object? At the Innovation Tournament in ENTR 2301 - Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Experience, students are tasked with answering that exact question in the most creative and impactful way possible. Each team is given the same household object at the tournament's kickoff night. For the next ten days, each team collaborates to find the most effective, creative, and valuable use of the object (whatever it may be) and records their journey in the form of a short video. It all culminates in a truly unique film-festival style event, which premieres short videos from our best entrepreneurial thinkers as they illustrate their journey creating economic, environmental, and social value from a simple object. VIP judges from the community will pick the winners and the audience will select a favorite. Although there is a new object every semester, one thing is always the same: the results never fail to amaze.