Venture Design Studios

Venture Design Studios is a thrilling entrepreneurial journey inside the ENTR 2301 - The Entrepreneurial Experience class. Students from across campus experience what it’s like to discover and validate ideas from the ground up. Using the Lean Startup methodology, students learn to identify a problem and see it through to launch. Throughout the semester, teams pitch their idea to a panel of external judges on four separate occasions. Approximately 45 community experts are welcomed into the classroom each year to provide insight and feedback. Students then iterate and improve their venture each time. Approximately 500 students participate in this exciting journey of entrepreneurship each year. To celebrate, we end each semester with a bang during the exciting Venture Design Studio Finals where 7 teams pitch their venture in front of 200 of their peers and a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs. This thrilling, hands-on course is just the beginning of a remarkable entrepreneurial journey through either the Minor or Concentration at Mount Royal University.  



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