Curriculum & Courses

Bachelor of Business Administration — Accounting

With the expanding global economy, changing tax regulations, and new financial reporting standards, accountants are in high demand.  Mount Royal's four-year Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting gives you an edge with its focus on practical, hands-on experience. 

Highly employable Demand is so high for those with accounting expertise that many Mount Royal students get job offers before they graduate. The jobs are great, with good earning potential. You could move quickly up the corporate ladder. And get a head-start by participating in our optional CO-OP program.

Enrich your student experienceBissett Accounting Students Society (BASS) is a student-run club representing involved students of accounting. The goal as a student society is to act as a liaison between the accounting students and industry professionals. The aim is to help students launch their careers in the accounting profession by hosting a variety of events throughout the academic year.

Career Opportunities

After completing the Mount Royal accounting program, graduates attained job titles such as or including:

  • Accountant - handles financial records, budgeting, taxes and financial statements for a business
  • Controller/Manager - oversees, as a corporate officer, all financial matters in a business
  • Auditor - prepares an organization's financial statements for investors, government authorities and other external stakeholders; conducts audits to verify the reliability of an organization's reporting; and conducts internal audits to check for mismanagement, waster or fraud
  • Analyst - works closely with division managers to make the best business decisions; identifies ways to improve profitability; assesses feasibility of borrowing structures
  • Tax Specialist - manages tax strategies in order to minimize tax expense; ensures compliance with tax regulations; provides tax-related accounting consultation

Further Education

The BBA prepares you for Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs as well as other graduate studies.

Professional Designations

Mount Royal's Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting is designed to prepare you for further training in the field. Students may wish to explore the possibility of pursuing other professional credentials on the completion of their degree, such as becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).