Social Innovation

Minor in Social Innovation

The minor in Social Innovation is designed to provide graduates with a clear practice to lead, design, and execute high impact, transformative change in our communities. Empathy, creativity, consent, and courage form the bedrock of the science of social change and can be applied whether graduates envision joining the commercial sector in a values-driven organization, plan to participate in the public or civic sector, develop a new to world social innovation or enterprise that addresses a persistent systemic problem, or engage at the forefront of reconciliation and resurgence in First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities across Canada.

Consider a minor in Social Innovation if:

  • you want to develop strong leadership and community development skills to help you succeed at local, national and international levels
  • you want to learn about the practices, structures and challenges that can be encountered working with public or nonprofit enterprises
  • you want to work in community-engaged areas within government, healthcare or education.

This minor is an option for any MRU degree student.