Bissett School of Business

Supply Chain Management Minor

Is Supply Chain Management Important? Absolutely.

Supply Chain Management makes it possible to build and deliver products better, faster, and cheaper. Leading organizations like Dell, Proctor and Gamble, Apple or Starbucks have all recognized they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks to successfully compete in the global market. Supply Chain managers are involved in every facet of the business process - planning, purchasing, producing, transporting, storing& distributing, customer service, and more! Supply Chains are the "glue" that connect the different parts of the organization.

Experience wanted

Created in response to demand by employers, the Supply Chain Management program will provide you with expertise in:

  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Transportation
  • Inventory management

Career opportunities

Demand for supply chain professionals is high and, in Calgary alone, the industry sees a 15% growth every year -there are often not enough people to fill current job openings. In Canada, the industry includes more than 730,000 employees.

Your job title could be:

  • Business analyst - identify business needs and serve as a liaison to service providers.
  • Procurement analyst - buy goods and services from suppliers for companies to use or sell.
  • Logistics coordinator - devise the most cost-effective ways of using people, materials, energy and information to get things done on time.
  • Import/export agent - arrange the purchase and shipment of goods to and from Canada.

You could also be a distribution coordinator, enterprise resource planner, production planner, purchaser, quality management analyst or transportation analyst.

Professional designations

Upon graduation you will be prepared to earn the following professional designations:

  • Certified Professional Purchaser (CPP) - Canada's leading industry designation
  • Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT)
  • Certified Professional Logistician (P.Log.)

Further education

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) prepares you for Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs as well as other graduate studies.