Child Development Lab

The Lab

The Child Development Lab is a vibrant space where students, faculty and children explore play, space, design, time and materials in order to understand and facilitate learning on many levels. It is a welcoming space for conversation, observation, practice, reflection, growth and development.

The 30’ by 30’ lab is furnished with a variety of traditional early learning play materials, expressive and creative arts supplies and facilitates flexible seating for 25 adults or children. This space is equipped with four zoom and ‘eye in the sky’ cameras and 16 microphones that allows the capture of video and sound within all areas of the room.

A wall length observation room is located adjacently to the lab, seats 25 comfortably and offers three viewing monitors, sound access to the lab, a fully equipped teaching cabinet and an attached editing suite that is video capable. This space can be used to observe and record lab activity or as a fully independent teaching and learning space. To learn more about the technology, watch this video.

For further information about the lab or to discuss rental needs, please contact the Lab Coordinator: Heather Pollard at