Faculty & Staff


Janet Hamnett

Public Relations Professor

Janet's teaching and research interests are focused on creative applications related to organizational communications, interpersonal communications and culture. These interests embrace the notion of multi-dimensional learning spaces, creative non-fiction, narrative and storytelling.

Janet is keenly interested in what constitutes a meaningful learning experience for students in contemporary undergraduate classrooms. As tertiary education communities of practice strive to inspire students to become critical and creative thinkers, and prepare them for careers beyond the classroom experience, this is, she believes, critical to not only understanding the relevance of multi-dimensional learning spaces and how they can be created, but how organizations can motivate practitioners to contribute in multiple ways to their organizational success and sustainability.

Janet's approach to teaching and learning is holistic - tactics, philosophy, theoretical frame, interaction and creativity connected to diverse values and beliefs using multiple sources of information and activities founded in specific theoretical frameworks.

Students have individual expectations, motivation, learning styles and needs - they are diverse intellectually, cross-culturally, spiritually and in relation to their own values, behaviors and beliefs. Janet endeavors to be adaptive to unique student dynamics and strives to create interesting classes which will motivate student engagement. Janet is passionate about creating unique approaches to course content. Her aim is to engage students and connect learning in the classroom to the world at large. At the same time, she hopes that the students will become more engaged in the community at large.