Guy Obrecht Ph.D.

After finishing a Masters Degree in Music Theory at the University of Toronto, Guy went on to complete a Ph.D. in Music at the University of California San Diego. His dissertation, "The Dawning of Musical Aspect in Process", brought together different fields of inquiry and methods to inform a phenomenology of musical processes.

Guy was contracted to write a history of the Music Department at UCSD—a centre for the creation and study of New Music. The archival and ethnographic research for this project led to a paper, "The Crystallization of the New, New Music at UCSD”, that is accepted for publication in The College Music Symposium (forthcoming 2012).

Concurrent with his musicological/theoretical studies, Guy composes and performs music. He was a founding member of the GO Duo, a radical 13-member performance ensemble. Along with three self produced CDs, The GO Duo toured the west coast, performing at arts institutions and gritty concert venues. Examples of Guy’s work can be found at