Advanced Specialty Health Studies

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Advanced Specialty Health Studies

Keeping skills up-to-date is crucial for professionals in the health and human service fields. Not only do you want to provide the best care to your clients, but by expanding your knowledge through the Advanced Specialty Health Studies certificate programs, you can also enhance your job satisfaction. Staying current and expanding on your degree or diploma can also position you for career advancement.

Making choices
Multi-jurisdictional Midwifery Bridging Project is an option for internationally trained midwives.

The department also offers programs for professionals in the human services fields, highly focused certificate programs in the following areas:

More information for clinical preceptors for Advanced Specialty Health Studies students.

Distance delivery

As a professional, Mount Royal University understands your time can be limited. Distance delivery of these programs allows you to incorporate upgrading your education into your schedule. The program uses a variety of tools — e-mail, telephone and online — but whatever tool is used, you will be guided and taught by a highly experienced and skilled team of instructors.

Flexible pacing

To further help with your scheduling, each program has been designed to enable you to learn at a pace that is right for you within the academic semester system. After all, you are a practicing professional with many demands on your time.

Innovative programming

All programs in Advanced Specialty Health Studies have been developed in consultation with professionals, students and members of the community to ensure your education is relevant and will make an immediate impact in the workplace.