Stasha Huntingford, PhD, MSW, RSW

Academic title: Assistant Professor

Office: T309
Phone: 403.440.6048


PhD, University of Calgary
MSW, University of Calgary
BSW, University of Calgary

Stasha has lived with the Rocky Mountains most of their life. They view the dialogue between teachers and students as ongoing social change. Trauma has taught Stasha that feelings are a valuable way of knowing. They have been trained in bravery by youth role models, which allows them to remember why taking action is an ethical imperative. Stasha believes that relationships are all we have, including our relationships with plants, lichen, the ecosystem and each other. One goal of Stasha’s teaching is to encourage curious play, as this is the opposite of fascism. Stasha is a white settler on these lands, and as such has a responsibility to respond to the TRC Calls to Action. Stasha has hidden disabilities and is part of the Queer community. They have diverse experience with economic class, which has been useful as it has made a lot of oppression visible through contrast. Stasha uses the pronouns they/them and she/her.

Areas of Instruction

  • Challenging binary 
  • Encouraging rebellion
  • Social Work praxis 
  • Solidarity building 
  • Being an accomplice 

Areas of Scholarship

  • Problematizing social work 
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Challenging unquestioned authority, especially my own
  • Teaching and learning 
  • Reflection

Selected Publications

Huntingford, S., & Lewis, T. (2020). Our lives, the messy PAR projects. Educational Action Research.