Our Purpose

Welcome to the Relationship Violence Prevention & Research Centre.

Mount Royal University is committed to building the capacity for dating violence awareness, support, and prevention on campus.

Since 2008, researchers at Mount Royal have been exploring and asking critical questions about dating violence. The most recent version of the National College Health Assessment Survey (2013) indicated that approximately one in three Mount Royal students has experienced some form of dating violence (Warthe & Tutty, 2013).

This website will equip you with the tools and understanding necessary to support yourselves and your peers when it comes to dating violence. We will also keep this page up to date with the most current research and media surrounding dating violence awareness and prevention in our communities.

As you explore this website, you will find that our team has been working hard to increase Mount Royal's efficacy of dating violence response and awareness, in order to make our campus safer and healthier for all. To learn more about Mount Royal's Sexual Violence Response and Awareness policies and principles, please click here.

Please check in with yourself as you explore this website. If you require further support, please visit our Contact page for information regarding the appropriate resources on- and off-campus.

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