What is consent?

Consent is the clear communication, either verbally or non-verbally, about willingness and agreemet to engage in a particular activity. 

Consent is a part of our everyday lives and our social interaction. When we want to go to the movies with a friend, we ask. When we are deciding with someone what to have for dinner, we talk about it and make a decision.


Consent helps us ensure that we are being good to each other and respecting one another.


When considering sex, both within and outside of a relationship, consent should be a primary consideration, because without consent — it is sexual assault. Unfortunately, social scripts have misled many to think that sex is something that should "just happen", or ought to happen because of the context of the particular relationship. Popular films portray sex as something that people just get caught up in and the consideration of consent is depicted as unnecessary.



If you or someone you know has concerns regarding sexual violence, you can contact the Dating, Domestic and Sexual Violence Education and Response Specialist on campus or call Alberta's One Line for Sexual Violence at 1.866.403.8000.

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