Where to Start

Abusive relationships and sexual violence can be a dangerous and confusing experience. All forms of violence and abuse are never okay and can leave lasting impacts on a person. In any relationship, take the time to reflect on what you are experiencing and consider what support you may need.


Recognizing the signs

Relationship violence looks and feels different for everyone, only you can decide what is healthy or unhealthy for you. The list below is intended to help you recognize warning signs; however, it is not designed to be a complete checklist of warning signs.

  • is jealous, possessive and won't accept breaking up?
  • waits for you every day outside your office, classroom, the recreation centre?
  • looks through your phone and social media to control or know what you post and who you are communicating with?
  • screams, yells, puts you down in front of your friends, tells you that you are stupid or ugly?
  • is violent, screams, hits, pushes or shoves you?
  • pressures you for sex or forces you into having sex?
  • does not hear and accept "No"?
  • makes your friends and family afraid for your safety?
  • dismisses or minimizes your feelings and opinions?
  • becomes jealous when you talk to/spend time with other people and the jealousy is unfounded?
  • felt threatened by your partner's physical strength and size?
  • stayed in a relationship after you recognized that it was no longer loving or supportive?
  • felt anxious or like you are walking on eggshells when you are with your partner?
  • been told or made to feel like you were responsible for someone else's anger?
  • stayed in the relationship because you felt responsible for your partner?
  • felt pressured, intimidated, or coerced into making decisions you otherwise would not?
  • backed down from an argument with a partner because you felt intimidated?
  • worried that if you continued expressing your views, the situation might get out of hand?

Not sure you are experiencing abuse? Talk to someone.

If you are experiencing abuse and you feel your life's in danger call 911 immediately.

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