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    Step Up!
    Join peers, community members, and faculty to prevent violence through education and discussion.

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  • Link to MRU's collaborative relationship violence podcast.
  • Peer Facilitator Tera Cardinal smiles at the camera.
    Tera Cardinal on being a Peer Facilitator:
    "By going through the Stepping Up program I was able to reevaluate what kind of relationship I wanted to be in, and what kind of person I wanted to be."
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    Extend your impact and join Stepping UP's relationship violence prevention week with a project!
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    Facilitate Discussions that Matter
    Stepping UP is different every year with topics and workshops by students for students.


Relationship violence is more common than we like to think…



1 in 4 MRU students polled in the National College Health Assessment reported being in an intimate relationship that was emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive (2022).
Of those students, 1 in 2 reported having problems or challenges with intimate relationships, with 65% saying these issues caused them moderate or high distress.
1 in 7 MRU students, reported having problems or challenges with sexual harrassment.  



What Is Stepping UP?


A major feature of the Stepping UP program is the opportunity for students to learn workshop development and basic group facilitation skills. 
With support from community partners, faculty advisors, and staff, peer facilitators develop workshops to promote healthy relationships and to raise awareness about relationship violence prevention. 
Peer Facilitators host workshops where they help the wider MRU community to gain increased awareness and understanding of what it means to be in a healthy relationship, and ways to prevent relationship violence.


  • The Stepping UP Peer Facilitators pose together as a group
  • Peer Facilitator Andrea Romero Frias
  • Peer Facilitator Calem Davis
  • Peer Facilitator Chelyn Granziano
    Hello! My name is Chelyn and I'm in my last year of the BA Psychology program. I chose Stepping Up as my final volunteer experience because of the community. Prior to this year, I've heard many wonderful and uplifting stories about the program. The facilitators/coordinators within Stepping Up are truly some of my favourite individuals that I have met thus far at MRU.
  • Peer Facilitator Doug Wityshyn
    Hello! I am Doug, a 4th year student in the Bachelor of Social Work Program here at MRU! I am a part of Stepping Up because I find it important to have conversations about relationships and sex, to work to keep them healthy, and to prevent them from becoming unhealthy.
  • Peer Facilitator Emily Trew
    Hello! My name is Emily, and I am a fourth year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Health Science and Minoring in Chemistry. I chose to join Stepping Up to help encourage myself and others to be open to talk about all aspects of relationships!
  • Peer Facilitator Emma Jackson
  • Peer Facilitator Jaida Northey
  • Peer Facilitator Kayla Bleile
    My name is Kayla and I'm a 3rd year Bachelor of Social Work student. I think peer led workshops like Stepping Up allow for students to feel more comfortable when it comes to learning about relationships and sex as it's less intimidating learning from other students.
  • Peer Facilitator Lindsey Barnes
  • Peer Facilitator Nick Meneses Casajus
  • Peer Facilitator Rimisha Roshid
  • Peer Facilitator Sarah Secreto
  • Peer Facilitator Tyler MacDougall


 Our 2022-2023 Community Partners:




 [Stepping UP s]hows us that we are not alone- there are others out there who have experienced similar hardships & triumphs. Also brings awareness to [the] current social climate.

Stepping UP Participant 2019, responding to 'Why should people come to Stepping Up?'


Want to get involved? Check out the info below...


Send your questions to: steppingup@mtroyal.ca.


Where Can You Find Us?


The Stepping UP Program is part of Wellness Services and our office is located in I151 with the Healthy Campus Team.



If you have any questions or would like more information about anything on this page, please email Julia Rand at jrand@mtroyal.ca.
This program has a research component that has received clearance from the MRU Human Research Ethics Board at HREB at hreb@mtroyal.ca
The information on this web page is intended for the Mount Royal community: students, staff and faculty. 
Many thanks to the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Human Services for continued funding of the Stepping UP program. 
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