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Stepping Up is a research-based program that focuses on the prevention of relationship violence. 


Stepping Up isn't about faculty members lecturing students on what is healthy, unhealthy and abusive in relationships and dating. The program is designed by students, for students. We recruit students to design and facilitate events because we know that students are experts in their own experiences, and therefore, can have the greatest impact on the MRU community. 



According to the National College Health Assessment Survey (Warthe & Tutty, 2013), approximately one in three Mount Royal students have expressed some form of dating violence. As you explore this site and when you are involved in Stepping Up, you'll see that relationship violence can come in many shapes and forms. Click here to learn more about the different kinds of relationship violence and abuse.


 Whether we know it or not, either ourselves or someone we love will experience some sort of violence- so let's learn how to help!

Stepping Up Participant 2019

 Where Can You Find Us?



The Stepping Up Event will be held this year on February 9th and February 16th from 4:00 - 6:30pm online. Participant registration is now open! 

Stepping Up operates year-round with a variety of prevention events, workshops and initiatives. You can find us on mainstreet and around campus raising awareness of healthy, unhealthy and abusive behaviours in relationships and dating. We are also located in I151 with the Healthy Campus Team! 


What Is The Stepping Up Workshop?


The Stepping Up Workshop is a relationship violence prevention program open to students at Mount Royal University. Bringing together students of all backgrounds, ages and genders, Stepping Up aims to break down barriers to healthy relationships. Interactive activities help participants identify the differences between healthy, unhealthy and abusive behaviours, and where to turn if they or someone they know needs help.  

The Stepping Up Workshop consists of two key components:


 It may seem like an exaggeration when I say being a peer facilitator in Stepping Up changed my life, but I assure you it isn't... the energy during the weekends that facilitators met was incredible... the learning about myself, and those I was sharing space with was simply amazing.

Tiffany- Stepping Up Peer Facilitator

 How Can You Get Involved?


 Shows us that we are not alone- there are others out there who have experienced similar hardships & triumphs. Also brings awareness to [the] current social climate.

Stepping Up Participant 2019, in response to 'Why should people come to Stepping Up?'



If you have any questions or would like more information about anything on this page, please email Katie Wotherspoon at kwotherspoon@mtroyal.ca

This program has a research component that has received clearance from the MRU Human Research Ethics Board at HREB at hreb@mtroyal.ca

The information on this web page is intended for the Mount Royal community: students, staff and faculty. 

Many thanks to the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Human Services for continued funding of the Stepping Up program. 

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