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Stepping Up

Stepping Up is a research project focused on preventing dating violence with post-secondary students and building capacity within the university structure and its student body to address and reduce incidents of dating violence. The project involves the recruitment and training of peer facilitators, the delivery of a prevention weekend with student participants, and the completion of prevention projects by those participants.


I Believe You

I Believe You is a public awareness campaign launching Aug 31st 2015 that aims to educate the public on how to better respond to survivors of sexual assault. A common theme among sexual assault survivors is that they hesitate to disclose assault or seek help out of fear of not being believed. I Believe You is aimed at changing people's response away from judgement and doubt towards believing. Mount Royal University is a proud supporter of the I Believe You campaign.


Stephanson-Cooke Initiative

Emotional or psychological abuse refers to a pattern of behaviours (verbal or nonverbal) that result in humiliation, control and isolation, or intimidation (Government of Canada, 2015). The results is often shame, low self-esteem, self-blame, depression, hopelessness, terror.

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