Our Program

Our Program


Mount Royal University's Bachelor of Education — Elementary (B.Ed) is unique in Alberta for providing students with direct entry into the four-year degree program. This means you don't need a degree or prior post-secondary coursework to be considered for the program. And, starting in your first year of study, you will gain extensive hands-on experience in elementary school classrooms — an experience that continues during each year of the program.

The Bachelor of Education — Elementary is taught by a committed group of full-time and part-time faculty. All full-time faculty members hold PhDs, and have extensive K–12 teaching experience.


Inspiring educational leaders through reflective engagement.

ValuesEthical and Reflective Dialogue

We value reflective practice for developing ethical responsibility to learners, colleagues, and community. We work to expose injustice so that teacher candidates can cultivate social consciousness and contribute to a more ethical society.

Innovation and Engagement

Recognizing that lifelong learning emerges from genuine student engagement, we value the creation of dynamic learning environments that address real world questions and promote inquiry. We value innovative teaching practices that push beyond the ordinary, including digital, arts-based, and experiential learning.

Community and Relationships
We recognize that place and space are integral to building strong community relationships. We value connections with the community that foster leadership opportunities for our teacher candidates.

Accord on Teacher Education


The Association of Canadian Deans of Education (ACDE) is an association of Deans, Directors, or Chairs of Canadian Faculties, Schools, Colleges, or Departments of Education. Its mission is to foster professional and teacher education, engage in educational research and participate in educational policy development. There are currently sixty-four members in ACDE.

Visit this link for more information about ACDE and it's accord on teacher education summary.