Our Stories

2017 BP A+ for Energy

In November of 2017, our third-year Bachelor of Elementary Education students spent three days at the Tim Horton Children’s Ranch in Kananaskis, Alberta. Here, they worked with groups of grade four students to create environmentally sustainable energy projects including insulation and heat sinks. As a part of their coursework in EDUC 3106: Teaching Elementary Science, teacher candidates used the results from their work with the students to create a reflective practice poster.
On December 2nd, 2017, supported through the BP A+ For Energy program, the MRU B.Ed students showcased their posters to a group of judges who comprised of BP employees, former BP A+ For Energy award winning teachers, MRU alumni and faculty.
Their reflective practice posters and presentations were judged upon features such as
·         Innovative approach to learning about science and energy issues
·         Integration of Alberta curriculum in a variety of subject areas
·         Evidence of reflective practice and impact upon teaching
·         Student learning and engagement

Winners of this competition received a monetary fund sponsored by BP and the opportunity to attend BP’s Alberta Teachers’ Conference. Congratulations to our winning groups:
Group 15: Emily McDonald, Elle Graham, Breanne McPhee, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Marianna Moodie, Abdullah Rafih
Group 1: Nikkole Heavy Shields, Kayla Kielek, Andy Stefanato, Orusa Tahreem
Thanks to the Tim Horton Children’s Ranch, BP Canada and the BP A+ For Energy program for their continued support in one of MRU-Education’s signature pedagogies.