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Stephanie Zettel

Degrees: B. Sc. (Honours), BN, MN

Phone: (403)440-8653
Email: szettel@mtroyal.ca
Fax: (403)440-6203


I am mainly interested in teaching students in the clinical environment and I teach in all years of the BN program. My most recent experience has been in coordinating a 4th year practicum where students integrate everything they have learned into understanding their leadership role. I also teach and coordinate an integrative pathophysiology, pharmacology and nursing therapeutics course, as well as Adult Health, a senior level block course.


As an educator, I am in the business of creating critical thinkers within a social constructivist framework so that students are able to make effective clinical decisions in practice. I ascribe to Wenger's (1998) thoughts on communities of practice and social learning theory and believe, like him, that learning can be seen as becoming and a search for identity; learning is doing, as in practice; learning is an experience and a search for meaning; and learning is belonging to a community in which knowledge is shared and applied with a common purpose to evoke change. His social learning theory presents a view of learning where meaningful experience contributes to personal development. I believe that undergraduate nursing students experience uncertainty when they are unable to link critical thinking to an attitude of inquiry, as well as when they reduce critical thinking to a rudimentary application of the nursing process (often out of context). There is no certainty in the foundation of knowledge because knowledge exists as a result of being in relationship with others. The Humanistic Teaching Method (Kleiman, 2007) is one that I live by because "one of the most important duties of a teacher is to give students the wherewithal to examine their own nursing experience in order to derive the values and meanings central to their personal identities" (p. 211).


I also enjoy spending time with my young family in our mountain home in Canmore. We are avid campers and enjoy the outdoors, cycling, skiing and hiking whenever we get the opportunity.