Bachelor of Child Studies

MRU - Bachelor of Child Studies Capstone Projects 2016-2017


Engaging and Supporting Youth in Greater Forest Lawn - United Way


This joint initiative of United Way of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and other local partners aimed to contribute to the development of an engagement strategy or initiative that would support and encourage youth to be involved in neighborhood and inspire community change. The students developed connections with local partners and agencies to gain an understanding of the community and what youth engagement may look like within it. From there, students identified recurring themes and proposed long-term recommendations and youth engagement strategies to United Way and interested partners. In the following term, students implemented youth engagement strategies with partnering agencies: youth granting, youth night, community mapping, youth voices, and youth connections. Each strategy is unique and ties to a need found within the community that has been expressed by an agency or a community member.

Early Childhood Development Network - First 2000 Days

Over the last year, with the exceptional teaching of Launa Clark and Monica Pauls, the Mount Royal University Bachelor of Child Studies Capstone group has been working towards linking, aligning, and leveraging all of their learning and experiences towards building better outcomes for children.


Alberta Children's Hospital

The goal of this capstone was to improve and advance the pet therapy, play rooms and volunteer services within the hospital. This was done by working closely with the child life team, as well as exploring the child life profession further in depth. Another aspect of the project was to create more awareness of child life in the hospital. The students created a poster and video highlighting the benefits and importance of child life within hospitals.


Shifting Perspectives - Enviros

For our Capstone, in partnership with Enviros, we have been diligently planning and organizing a province wide two day conference, with a focus on understanding addiction as a symptom of unmanaged mental health concerns, or a self-managed response to trauma, grief and loss. The conference is entitled Shifting Perspective, and its objective is to shift the way professionals and future professionals understand, treat, and heal addiction and mental health. We are hoping to deepen an understanding of the complexities of addiction and mental health, and provide participants with innovative and practical tools in dealing with mental health and addiction concerns. Additional information can be found on our website,