Child and Youth Care Counsellor Diploma

Child and Youth Care Counsellor Diploma

Prospective Students

This program has been suspended and the University is not accepting new applications. If you are interested in pursuing an education in the field of Child and Youth Care, please visit the Bachelor of Child Studies – Child and Youth Care Counsellor.

We thank you for considering Mount Royal University and we hope to be able to continue assisting you in your academic pursuits.

Current Students

The University is committed to ensuring that all current students will be given the opportunity to complete their programs of study at Mount Royal within a reasonable time frame.

Students pursuing other programs at Mount Royal University will not be affected.

Help change the lives of vulnerable children, youth and families who are in difficult situations. Working with people in need can be challenging, but the rewards and job satisfaction are large. The two-year Child and Youth Care Counsellor diploma program gives you the skills and confidence you need to advocate for, counsel and nurture those in need.

Strong values needed

To become a child and youth care counsellor, you’ll need to be strong physically, emotionally and morally. The children and youth you’ll work with may have suffered physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect and/or family breakdown. Some may have behavioural or learning difficulties.

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Experience wanted

You will gain knowledge and practical experience in a variety of areas, including:

  • children and the law
  • psychology
  • intervention and assessment
  • treatment strategies
  • counselling

Career choices

Child and youth care counsellors work with children, youth and families in justice centres, school programs, group homes, treatment centres and community programs.
Your job title could be:

  • Child and youth care counselors — you will be counselling and planning activities for young people in a variety of places including shelters, drop-in centres, group homes and public schools.
  • Youth justice worker — make a difference in the lives of youth who have had run-ins with the law by developing and implementing beneficial activities for them.
  • Family support worker — help families in need get back on track by supporting them through counselling and planned activities.


Graduates are eligible for professional certification through the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta.

Further education

Graduates can transfer most of the two years of course work from this program to Mount Royal’s Bachelor of Applied Child Studies. The diploma also transfers to various child and youth care programs at universities across Canada.

Gain international perspective

There are opportunities to study and work abroad through partnerships established with leading institutions. International study is a great way to gain greater understanding and perspective. For details on these opportunities please contact the Department of Child and Youth Studies.