Current Projects

Current Projects


Effective interventions

Enhanced Emergency Sexual Assault Services (EESAS) in Prince Edward Island

Carter-Snell, C.

Evaluation of a 4 hour online training program for sexual assault care aimed at Emergency staff, police and social workers. Focus is on comprehensive care, reduction of secondary victimization, along with injury identification and evidence collection.started 2013, final evaluation 2016

Health Care Needs of Sexually Assaulted Clients

Carter-Snell, C.

An examination of injuries and need for care beyond sexual assault services among women seeking care post-assault.Data analysis in progress, completion fall 2015.

Western Sexual Assault Services

Carter-Snell, C, Tomlinson,D.  & Hagan, B.

(funded by Assoc of AB Sexual Assault Services & Status of Women Canada)

Completion of a needs assessment in 5 Alberta communities related to improving sexual assault services, provision of training and evaluation.started fall 2014-completion summer 2016.
Violence prevention

Stepping Up Dating Violence Prevention

Warthe, D.G., Kostouros, P. & Carter-Snell, C.

(Funded by Alberta Human Services)

A peer facilitated dating violence prevention program for university students focused on bystander intervention.  Includes longitudinal evaluation of effectiveness and dissemination to other universities.fall 2014 - completion fall 2015
Injury identification & Client Assessment

Screening for Intimate partner violence and HIV and symptom outcomes

Carvalhal, A., Gill, M.J., Burchell,A., Carter-Snell, C., Classen, C., Klein, M.B., Krentz, H., O'Campo, P., Rachlis, A., Ristock, J., Robinson, M., Rourke, S., Siemeniuk, R., Wong, A.

Evaluating the impact of screening for intimate partner violence and adverse childhood experiences, along with referral for counseling on  symptom load, and compliance with HIV treatmentproposal completed
Prevention of psychological cosnsequences

50 Shades of Harm: Impact of the Media on Re-victimization

Carter-Snell, C. & Troy, A.

A review of the literature on re-victimization post-child abuse and the impact of media including 50 shades of grey.Summer 2015