Welcome to our Resources page. Here you will find a number of resources related to our projects. They are available for download and sharing. Please contact the FRN coordinator if you have any questions.

Sexual Assault Prevention Project
pdf_iconSexual assault prevention

Stand Up video
Public service announcement focused on bystander intervention
mpg m4v flv (choose playback type)




Injury Rates & BALD STEP Physical Findings & Injury Assessment
pdf_iconUnderstanding Women's Risk for Injury
pdf_iconBALD STEP Key for physical findings traumagram and instructions
           (also see article under "Rural Sexual Assault")

Rural Sexual Assault Project & RCMP Kits
pdf_iconArticle: Carter-Snell, C. (2011). Injury Documentation: Using the
BALD STEP injury documentation and the RCMP sexual assault kit
Outlook, 34(1), 15-20. Posted with permission, National Emergency
Nurses' Affiliation. 

Stepping Up Dating Violence Prevention Project
pdf_iconStepping Up Dating violence
- photo catalogue of Stepping Up project
- Our Stories Your Reality- student developed play depicting violence
(language warning)

Mental Illness after Intimate Forms of Violence
pdf_iconWomens risks and resilience to mental illness

Other Resources
pdf_iconCultural and Gender Barriers to Accessing Sexual Assault Services