Curriculum & Courses

Curriculum & Courses


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Below is the list of courses required to complete the Social Work Diploma.

Year One

  • INTS 1240 - Fundamentals of Professional Communication
  • PSYC 1105 - Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 2235 - Life-Span Development
  • SLWK 1114 - Introduction to Social Work History, Philosophy and Theory
  • SLWK 1187 - Social Welfare Policies and Issues
  • SLWK 1215 - Social Work Assessment and Documentation
  • SLWK 1216 - Counselling Skills
  • SLWK 1287 - Social Work Practicum I (see note below)
  • SLWK 2224 - Indigenous Knowledges in the Helping Professions
  • General Education Requirement Cluster 4, Foundation

Year Two

  • SLWK 2217 - Leadership and Interprofessional Practice in Social Work Organizations
  • SLWK 2218 - Social Work Knowledge and Skills for Group Work
  • SLWK 2221 - Social Work with Groups
  • SLWK 2222 - Social Work with Families
  • SLWK 2223 - Social Work Practice in Addictions and Mental Health
  • SLWK 2297 - Social Work Practicum II (see note below)
  • General Education Requirement
  • General Education Requirement
  • General Education Requirement
  • General Education Requirement

All students will be selected for practicum on the basis of academic performance, professional suitability and availability of practicum sites. A student may be prohibited from attending or completing a practicum if there is evidence to suggest that the student's physical and/or psychological health may be detrimental to client care.

To be placed in practica student's must have completed all coursework up to semester two for SLWK 1287 and semester four for SLWK 2297. Students must have their police information check approved by their practicum agency.