Curriculum & Courses

Curriculum & Courses


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The Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (BHPE) requires students to complete a total of 120 credits (the equivalent of 40 three-credit courses). The 120 credits required will be taken from the following areas: core courses, major-specific courses, General Education and electives.

Core Courses

The seven required core courses in the BHPE - Sport and Recreation Management consist of the following:

  • HPED 1000 - Introduction to Health and Physical Education
  • HPED 1010 - Historical and Philosophical Foundations
  • HPED 1020 - Leadership and Communication
  • HPED 1040 - Wellness and the Student: From Personal Health to Community Action
  • HPED 1070 - Foundations of Outdoor Leadership
  • HPED 2030 - Statistics and Research Methods
  • HPED 3010 - Sociological Perspectives

Major Specific Courses

All BHPE - Sport and Recreation Management students must complete the following 18 major courses as part of their requirements:

  • ACCT 2121 - Financial Accounting Concepts
  • ACCT 3224 - Management Accounting I
  • ENTR 2301 - Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Experience
  • HPED 1640 - Program Planning
  • HPED 2050 - Professional Practice
  • HPED 3050 - Practicum
  • HPED 3630 - Recreation and Sport Tourism
  • HRES 2170 - Introduction to Human Resources
  • MGMT 2130 - Management Principles and Practices
  • MKTG 2150 - Introduction to Marketing
  • MKTG 3258 - Evidence-Based Marketing
  • PHYL 3320 - Adapted Physical Activity
  • SRMG 1400 - Organization and Administration of Sport
  • SRMG 2400 - Commercial Recreation
  • SRMG 2440 - Community Development
  • SRMG 3400 - Facility and Event Planning
  • SRMG 5400 - Issues in Sport and Recreation Management
  • HPED, ATTH, ETOL, PHYL, or SRMG XXXX (3-credit or equivalent)*

*Must be taken at a 2000 or higher level


  • Five Electives

General Education Requirements

Ten courses must be completed to meet the General Education requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education - Sport and Recreation Management.

  1. Four courses will be taken at the foundational level: one from each of the thematic clusters.
  2. Three courses will be taken at the second tier: no more than one from each of the thematic clusters. One of these courses must be from the Numeracy and Scientific Literacy cluster.
  3. Three courses must be taken at the third tier, selected from at least two of the thematic clusters.

Students admitted to the Bachelor of Health and Physical Education should seek clarification of these requirements and up-to-date registration information through an Academic Advisor in the Department of Health and Physical Education.