2017 / 2018 Events


Darkness and Light: Survivor Art of the Sixties Scoop- A Calgary Evening Exhibition

January 17, 2018

6 p.m. -
9 p.m.

Mount Royal University Lincoln Park (J301)Mount Royal University Iniskim Centre, the National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network and BOREALIS Advisors sponsors the first local (free) exhibition of Sixties Scoop Survivor Art, the objective of “Darkness and Light” is to increase education, artistic space and public awareness around a social issue of national, provincial and local importance, and to bring this firsthand experience and Indigenous artistry to a viewing public.
Indigenous Science Speaker SeriesTBDTBDNo upcoming events scheduled at this time.
MAANOMATTAPOYAH: First Steps (.caISES 2018 Gathering)February 23-25, 2018Mount Royal UniversityIndigenous STEM students are invited to attend this three-day conference focusing on educational, professional
and workforce development.


From Project Go Ahead to Elder in Residence

Elder in Residence Blog Web Header3
Roy Bear Chief will chronicle his time as Elder in Residence at Mount Royal University.
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