Outbound Opportunities

Field School to China: Comparative Criminal Justice

The field school to China will have participants experience first-hand the Chinese criminal justice system and offer a platform for a comparative analysis between the Chinese and Canadian Criminal Justice Systems. The field school provides an in-depth analysis of various approaches to legal framework, reaction to crime and criminal behavior and treatment philosophies. Program to combat and manage crime will be considered in course readings and by on-site visitations to leading criminal justice centres and agencies. In addition, the field school will explore the role of social, economic and political systems in relation to the crime control challenger.

Highlights of the field school include:

  • Earn credit for CRJS 2011: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (3 credits)
  • Visits to leading criminal justice centres and agencies in China
  • Guest lecturers
  • Visits to historic and culturally significant sites
  • A chance to explore the location and experience the culture

Program Dates

In China: May 5, 2018 - May 22, 2018

Pre-Departure seminars will be scheduled in March/April 2018 to acquaint students with the unique features of the Chinese criminal justice system.


The field school is open to all Criminal Justice students. Recommended preparation is completion of Introduction to Criminology, introduction to the Justice System and Criminal Law (or equivalent).

Participants will be enrolled in CRJS 2011.

Application Process

Interested applicants should contact the field school instructor, Dr. John Winterdyk directly.

Once approved, participants will need to complete the Field School Application & Registration Form and return it to the Office of International Education (EB 3021) by the deadline given.

Program Costs

China Field School Program Fees - $5,396

The Program Fees include:airfare (as per group booking), all accommodation in China, local transportation in China, tour guide, translator, faculty expenses, MRU administration fee, activity/entrance fees, contingency and gratuities.

Program fees are payable in person at the Office of the Registrar (A101) according to the payment deadlines outlined in the table below.

1st deposit*
Upon Acceptance $400
2nd deposit April 1, 2017 $1400
3rd deposit November 1, 2017 $1698
4th deposit February 28, 2018 $1898

*Initial program deposit is non-refundable and secures the participant's place in the program. Possibility of refund of subsequent deposits due to withdrawal from the program will be assessed and determined at the time of withdrawal. Program fees do not include course tuition.

MRU Tuition & General Fees

MRU tuition and fees for CRJS 2011 (3 credits) are in addition to the program fees and will be assessed to each student's account in April 2018. They are payable to MRU by the spring 2018 fee payment deadline.

Additional Student Expenses

Students are responsible for all additional expenses not included in the program fees such as trip interruption and cancellation insurance, travel health and medical insurance, meals, visa, travel essentials, personal spending, etc. Estimates of additional student costs are available from the Office of International Education.Contact Information

Dr. John Winterdyk


Trinda Guillet