Outbound Opportunities

MRU X Paris Spring Study Exchange

Participants in the spring 2017 MRU X Paris Spring Study Exchange will have the unique opportunity to work directly with selected Indigenous designers from Canada, developing a nuanced understanding of their unique ancestries, identities, values and creative practices that influence their contemporary designs and commercial products, differentiating among First Nations.

Students will then juxtapose this knowledge with analysis of historic fashion or design brand creative practices and lineage in France and the European Union and seek connections with and among designers in France, and develop a position on Indigenous Fashion and the concept of national identity/national creative traditions both in France and Canada. Go-to-market marketing strategies for designers will be proposed for Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Student participants will undertake two courses at the Ecole Supérieure des Science Commerciales (ESSCA) in France. Preparation and follow-up will occur at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Information Session

Interested students are invited to attend the scheduled information session on February 8 at 8:30 am in EB 3047.

Students may also contact pderbyshire@mtroyal.ca for more information.

Program Travel Dates

May 12 - June 9, 2017

Note: Participants will attend on-campus lecture and preparations and work on final projects both before and after the actual travel dates. Participants must be available from May 1 - June 20, 2017.


The field school is open to all students from all disciplines.

Course Credit

Participants will complete two courses at ESSCA with the intent to transfer these courses back to their program at MRU as MKTG 3399 and INBU 3302.

As participants will receive transfer credit for successfully completing the courses at ESSCA, each participant should meet with their Academic Advisor to ensure they are not their 20 course maximum for transfer credit.

Grades received for transfer credit courses will not contribute to the MRU cumulative GPA.

Application Deadline

February 15, 2017

Application Process

Download and complete the Field School Application Form.

Obtain the Field School Professor's signature on your completed forms (available in EB 3043 or contact pderbyshire@mtroyal.ca).

Submit completed forms to the Office of International Education (EB 3021).

Program Costs

MRU X Paris Spring Study Exchange Program Fees - $3,324.00

The Program fees include accommodation and local transportation in France, airport transfers, course-related activities and excursions, faculty expenses, MRU administration fee and contingency.

Program fees are payable in person at the Office of the Registrar (A101) using the blue Field School Payment Slip, according to the payment deadlines outlined in the following table. The blue payment slip can be obtained from the Office of International Education (EB 3021) when completed application forms are submitted.

Program Fee Payment Deadlines:

1st deposit* February 15, 2017 $1000
2nd deposit March 15, 2017 $1162
3rd deposit April 15, 2017 $1162

*Initial program fee deposit is non-refundable and secures the participant's place in the program. Possibility of refund of subsequent deposits due to withdrawal form the program will be assessed and determined at the time of withdrawal. Refund of subsequent program fees are not guaranteed. Program fees do not include course tuition.

MRU Tuition & General Fees

MRU tuition and fees for 6 credits (two transfer credit courses) are in addition to the program fees and will be assessed to each student's account in April 2017. They are payable to MRU by the spring 2017 fee payment deadline.

Additional Student Expenses

Students are responsible for all additional expenses not included in the program fees such as return airfare to France, trip interruption and cancellation insurance, travel health and medical insurance, passport, meals, travel essentials, personal spending, etc. Estimates of additional student costs are available from the Office of International Education.

Contact Information:

Field School Instructor: Patti Derbyshire: pderbyshire@mtroyal.ca

International Education Coordinator: Trinda Guillet: tguillet@mtroyal.ca