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Program Structure

What is the difference between a full-time and a part-time student?

A full-time student must be registered in a minimum of nine credits per semester to a maximum of 15 credits per semester. A part-time student is one who registers in fewer than nine credits per semester.

For the purposes of: government funding, living in residence or eligibility for varsity athletics, you must be a full-time student in each of the Fall and Winter semesters.


What is a core program requirement?

Core program requirements are the courses specific to your major (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, General Science, Geology). The number of courses required for each major varies by program (26 to 29 courses).

Please check your   Program Planning Guide  or your   mruGradU8  audit for the specific major requirements for your program.


What are General Education (GNED) requirements?
At Mount Royal, all degree and diploma program require students to meet   General Education  requirements. The General Education component requires students to take a combination of courses form four clusters (subject areas). The clusters are:
  • Cluster 1: Numeracy and Scientific Literacy;
  • Cluster 2: Values, Beliefs, and Identity;
  • Cluster 3: Community and Society;
  • Cluster 4: Communication.

Please check your   Program Planning Guide  or your   mruGradU8  audit for specific General Education requirements for your program.


What is an elective?

An elective is any 3 credit course (or equivalent) course that does not fulfill either a program requirement or a general education requirement. Electives provide you with flexibility to pursue other subjects of interest outside your program. 


Can I change my major?

The processes to transfer between majors exists, however, is  not guaranteed  and  highly competitive  within the Faculty of Science and Technology.

As there is  no guarantee  that students will be able to change their majors, it's advised you acquaint yourself with the program of study you have accepted, understand its associated requirements, and  plan to follow it to its completion . You can expect to be advised as a student who is planning to graduate from your current program of study. If accepted into your new major, subsequent changes to your plan can be addressed at that time.

Please look at the Majors page for more specific information on how to request a transfer of major. 


Can I take courses from my intended major/program before being admitted into that program?

Yes - many first year courses are open to students in any degree, diploma, University Entrance Option and Open Studies. When registering for courses, make note of any program restrictions and prerequisites. These will indicated whether or not you can register for that course.

If the courses you wish to complete are restricted, completing  General Education  courses and electives are a good choice before gaining admission to your intended program.


Does Mount Royal offer online or block week courses?

There are a few courses that are offered online or during a block week. You can identify online courses by searching for "Online" in the  Schedule Type  under the  Advanced  Search function in the "Look up Classes to Add" section of  MyMRU .

Block week courses will be identified both in the Notes section of the course listing and also through the course delivery pattern.


How do I take a course at another institution and transfer it back to my program at Mount Royal?

You will need to request a  Letter of Permission  to ensure that courses completed at another post-secondary institution will transfer back to Mount Royal. Ensure you are familiar with the deadlines for requesting a Letter of Permission.


How do I know if the courses I took at another post-secondary institution will satisfy a prerequisite?

For all post-secondary institutions previously attended, official post-secondary transcripts are required in order to be assessed for admission purposes and transfer credit. These courses will be assessed, and if applicable, used to satisfy prerequisites. The equivalencies will be listed on your Mount Royal transcript and in your  mruGradU8 audit .


Do I need to complete all the prerequisites listed before being allowed to register for a course?

Yes. Successful completion of prerequisite courses is important for a number of reasons; including understanding foundational information about the course you are attempting to take. If you have completed the prerequisite at a different institution, or there are other extenuating circumstances, you may wish to discuss this with your program coordinator, your academic advisor or request an override using the following forms. 

How long do I have to complete my program?

Diplomas  must be completed withing six years of admission to the program.  Degrees  must be completed within eight years of admission to the program.


Do I need to apply to graduate from Mount Royal?

Yes - you need to Apply to  Graduate  from Mount Royal. Deadlines for submitting this form can be found in the  Academic Calendar  and on the  Critical Dates  page.

Grade Information

I need to withdraw from a course, how do I do so?

If you wish to stop attending a class after the last date to adjust registration, you can withdraw on or before the last day to withdraw. You can withdraw from a course (or courses) in any one of the following ways:

  1. Online - Log into and go to Register & Pay > Register: Registration Landing Page>Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes. Select the appropriate term. Select Withdraw Web from the Action column dropdown menu for the appropriate course. Click Submit.
  2. Online - Submit a Withdrawal Google Form
  3. Email - provide your name, student ID number, and the course(s) you wish to withdraw from to Be sure to send the request from your student email and include the subject and course registration number when able (e.g. PSYC 1101 CRN: 40425)

When you withdraw from a class, you will receive a W on your transcript, but it will not affect your GPA. You will not receive a tuition refund. If you do not officially withdraw from courses that you have stopped attending, you will receive an F grade for those courses. F grades are included in the calculation of your GPA and could have a serious impact on your academic status at Mount Royal.

Before you withdraw you should:

  • Talk to your professor.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to see how withdrawing will affect your academic timeline.
  • Check with Financial Aid if you currently have a student loan.


Unexpected circumstances have made it impossible for me to complete a course, what is my best course of action?
Withdrawal with Cause

If unexpected circumstances make it impossible for you to complete a course (or courses), and the add/drop date has passed, Withdrawal with Cause may be an option for you. Situations can be medical, psychological, or compassionate in nature. 

Grounds that are typically considered for a Withdrawal with Cause:

  • Serious illness or medical emergency
  • Severe emotional distress 
  • Compassionate grounds

You may request approval for a withdrawal with cause until the last day of class for the course(s). To submit a request, complete a Withdrawal with Cause form. Supporting documentation must be provided before a request will be reviewed. Documentation must:

  • clearly establish a medical and/or psychological reason for the request; 
  • explicitly state why the medical and/or psychological condition made it impossible to meet course deadlines and/or complete the semester; 
  • be recently issued and on official letterhead;
  • include timeline information regarding the situation (e.g. start and end dates);
  • if applicable, provide an explanation of why you did not pursue an 'I' contract for the course

Supporting documents that are typically considered for a Withdrawal with Cause request:

  • Letter from a registered health professional (e.g. physician, counsellor) that includes the documentation requirements noted above
  • Obituary or death certificate that demonstrates the loss of a close family member

If your request is approved, you will receive a "Withdrawal with Cause" (WC) on your permanent academic record for all withdrawn courses. You will not receive a tuition refund.


I grade

The decision as to whether or not the student will be permitted to enter into a contract for the completion of a course rests with the professor. If the professor is not available, the student should contact the appropriate department/program Chair.

The agreement must be arranged prior to the deadline for submission of final grades and a copy of the agreement must be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar by the professor.

Course requirements must be completed within a maximum of 60 calendar days after the end of the semester.

The contract must indicate what the letter grade for the course will be if the student does not complete the course work specified in the professor-student contract (i.e., the grade earned in the course to that date).

Unless the Office of the Registrar has been notified before, at the end of the 60-day period, the “I” symbol will be changed to a letter grade as determined by the professor, or, if the specified course work has not been completed, the “I” will be changed to the grade indicated in the professor-student contract.

Extension of the “I” symbol contract beyond the 60-day period can be made at the discretion of the professor.

Except under exceptional circumstances, a student who has entered into an ‘I’ contract will not be eligible for a “WC”.


How do I defer coursework or an exam?

Consult your professor and refer to the Academic Calendar. Deferrals are generally only permitted in exceptional circumstances such as illness, family emergencies and scheduling conflicts.


How do I appeal a grade?

You may appeal a final grade under exceptional circumstances. However, appealing a grade does not guarantee that the grade will be changed. If you plan to appeal the grade you must file the formal appeal within 20 days of the grade being posted.

Grade appeals will be considered for the following reasons:

  1. The final grade was not calculated on all work completed and as indicated in the course outline.
  2. There was a mathematical miscalculation of the final grade.
  3. There was an alleged unfair assessment of academic performance.

If you think that you qualify for a grade appeal, please review and follow the steps listed in the Academic Appeal and Grievance section in the current Mount Royal Calendar.


Can a "D" grade act as a sufficient mark for a prerequisite course?

Technically, a grade of "D" is not a failing grade and you will receive credit for the class. However, most classes and programs within the FST require a mark of at least C- or better for prerequisite and graduation purposes. Course pre-requisites are included in the Interactive Course Search and the Academic Calendar.

You should also know that a "D" grade is below a 2.0 and can negatively affect your Academic Standing. Please review Academic Standing for more information. Your Academic Advisor can also provide you with information about strategies and services to help you with your Academic Standing should you need support.

In addition, graduation requirements for the Faculty of Science and Technology are such that you are allowed a maximum of one "D" grade in your major/core, and one "D" grade in your GNEDs/electives. 


I am on Academic Warning or Academic Probation, what do I do?

After you have taken nine credits as a Mount Royal Student, your academic performance is subject to review after each semester. Should your cumulative GPA (cGPA) fall below 2.0 you will be placed on Academic Warning 1.

Learn about how Significant improvement can help you return to Good Standing HERE

If your cGPA remains below 2.0 for a subsequent semester, you will be placed on Academic Warning 2.

If your cGPA remains below 2.0 for a third semester, you have not shown Significant Improvement after your next semester, you will be placed on Academic Probation.

If you are placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation, you are encouraged to meet with your Academic Advisor for strategies for success. You can also review the information provided on the Academic Standing website.


I have been required to withdraw. What do I do? How do I regain admission to Mount Royal?

If you have been required to withdraw, you will received an email notification to your MRU email account and you must withdraw from Mount Royal for a period of twelve months. You may appeal this decision. Appeal procedures can be found in the Academic Calendar or by contacting Academic Advising Services.

In order to regain admission to Mount Royal following a requirement to withdraw, you will need to submit an application. You are encouraged to meet with the Early Support team to discuss your plan and the timeline for readmission.


How do I register for courses? 

First make sure you're ready for registration by visiting our registration preparation webpage. You can also get more information on how to register for your classes by watching videos on MyScheduleBuilder (with additional FAQs) and Course Registration.

Once you are ready to register, follow these instructions:


  1. Go to Register & Pay> Register: Registration Landing Page
  2. Select Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes
  3. Select the term you wish to view
  4. Follow the steps to add a class by clicking on Add in the Add column. 
  5. Under Summary click on Submit

Once you have submitted your course registrations successfully, they will show as Registered in the Summary section and appear in your schedule. 

If there are errors preventing registration, error messages will appear and the courses with errors will be noted in the Summary section. Click Submit again to remove the courses with errors from your Summary. More information about potential registration errors can be found here.


The course I want to take is full. How do I get on the waitlist?

 Go to Register & Pay> Register: Registration Landing Page

  1. Select Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes
  2. Select the term you wish to view
  3. Follow the steps to add a class by clicking on Add in the Add column.  Courses that you can waitlist for will also have a Waitlist Capacity of greater than 0.
  4. Under Summary click on Submit
  5. When the registration is submitted you will receive an error message that the course is full.. 
  6. Under Summary select Wait Listed from the Action menu
  7. Click on Submit

If you have been waitlisted successfully you will receive a message that states Save Successful. The course will now appear under Summary with a Status of Waitlisted. For more information, including about how to accept your place on the waitlist, please visit this page. 


What is the maximum number of courses I can take in a semester?

Students may register in a maximum of five courses per semester depending on the program of study.

You should review your academic record with your academic advisor to see if a course overload is recommended. Your advisor can submit this request to the Office of the Registrar on your behalf. 

A student with less than satisfactory academic performance may be advised to take a reduced course load for their specific program in the Mount Royal Academic Calendar.

Mount Royal can refuse student requests for course overload.


I need to send my transcript to a different post-secondary institution. How do I do that?
Ordering an official Mount Royal transcript

There are several ways to order an official transcript. Requests can be made online, by mail, fax, email, or in person. If you need your student ID number or assistance to access your online account, you can email

Ordering an unofficial Mount Royal transcript

You can view or print an unofficial transcript from MyMRU by following the steps below:

  1. Login to MyMRU
  2. Select My Program
  3. Go to Academic Profile
  4. Click on Transcript
  5. Click Submit
Transcripts from Apply Alberta

Transcripts for students using ApplyAlberta are typically requested on your behalf by the institution(s) you have applied to. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the institution(s) receive your transcripts in support of your application. The delivery status of transcript(s) can be viewed in your ApplyAlberta profile. You must request Continuing Education and Extension transcripts as they are not processed through ApplyAlberta. Mount Royal transcripts are sent by regular mail at a fee of $10.00 which is non-refundable.


I would like to take a semester off. Can I do that? What do I need to do?

Of course! MRU has a policy that will allow you to take up to seven semesters off without having to reapply to your program when you return. There is no action required on your part, simply not registering for a semester is sufficient. More information about the allowable absence policy can be found here; please note that you will be required to reactivate your account after such an absence.


When do I need to pay my tuition fees?

Fees are due on the dates listed in the Academic Calendar. Students are responsible for verifying and paying any outstanding balances by the fee deadline date. Tuition and mandatory fees must be paid online. Payments for deposits, tuition and mandatory fees are still required by the posted deadlines.


Who do I talk to about student loans? Scholarships?

There are a number of forms of funding available through the provincial and federal government, including student loans, grants and bursaries.

If you are not sure which type of funding you should apply for, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance:

Financial Aid - 403.440.3303 or

  • Available to answer your questions about government student loans and grants

Student Awards 403.440.6305 or

  • Available to answer your questions about Mount Royal scholarships and awards, as well as external awards

Financial Services 403.440.6310 or

  • If you are a sponsored student and have been approved to have your tuition and mandatory fees billed to a third party (employer/sponsoring agency - Advancing Futures/Band), you must ensure that all proper documentation is forwarded to Financial Services before each fee deadline.

Student Supports

My last assignment/test/midterm didn’t go well. What can I do?

Your first step can always be your professor - they are here for you and will often have office hours for you to attend and ask questions. There are also a number of spaces on campus that will help support you. Student Learning Services has learning strategists you can make an appointment with, and they also host workshops and have other tips and tricks you can try out. The Peer Learning Program is another way for you to get support with your classes. You may also want to check out MRU's wellness services in regards to your stress or refer yourself to Early Support

Depending on a number of factors, you may also want to look into a "W" grade as a possibility. 

I need an accommodation of some sort. Who do I speak to?

If you experience barriers to your education based on a protected ground and are planning to attend Mount Royal University, get connected with Access and Inclusion Services!

Mount Royal University is committed to access, equity and inclusion. Students who identify as belonging to one of the protected categories as defined by the Alberta Human Rights Act (AHR Act) are entitled to receive reasonable academic accommodations up to the point of undue hardship.Reasonable accommodations are tailored to the individual, flexible, and are determined by considering the barriers within the unique environment of a post-secondary institution.

Other supports found at MRU can be found on our resources and opportunities page