Customize your degree with courses


Courses cost time and money! Choose them mindfully so you can meet your requirements and your goals!

You have the freedom to choose your courses in the following ways:

Declaring your major , concentration , or minor ,

All majors have some level of choice in which core courses you may take,

Some concentrations have a level of choice in the courses you may take,

Some minors have a level of choice in the courses you may take,

The General Education component offers lots of freedom in the courses you can take,

Electives offer nearly complete freedom in which courses to take,

You can also take additional courses that do not count towards your degree.


Commonly asked questions about courses.

Each Science degree has some level of freedom in your course selection. Don't choose just any courses, choose the courses that will add value to your degree experience.

When selecting your courses, choose ones that help you:

  • Meet your program requirements,
  • Meet admission requirements for professional schools,
  • Develop employable skills,
  • Diversify your knowledge,
  • Explore your interests,
  • Improve your GPA,
  • And more.

Your Bachelor of Science degree is made up of a total of 40 courses across the following 3 main components.

Component Number of Courses Description


24-29 Each baccalaureate degree has a major (core program requirements). The number of courses required for each major varies
General Education 10

You choose your Gen Ed courses from four clusters:

  • Cluster 1: Numeracy and Scientific Literacy,
  • Cluster 2: Values, Beliefs and Identity,
  • Cluster 3: Community and Society,
  • Cluster 4: Communication.

Click here for a full description of General Education courses.

Click here for a full list of General Education courses.

Electives 1-4 You are also required to take a certain number of electives for your degree. There are hundreds of courses to choose from depending on your program. Click here for a full description of electives.

Explore the Program Planning Guides for each BSc. major HERE to clarify required GNED courses for graduation. For more information on why you are required to complete GNED coursework and what your options are, please follow this link. 

Electives are any course you have the prerequisite for, is not restricted, and is from the 2XXX or higher (preferably due to junior limit, see below). They offer you the most freedom. Take any course you want across all programs, as long as you can get into the course.

Pro Tip: Plan your electives for the end of your degree for flexiblity in your final years and plan to take courses that are from the 2XXX or higher.

The BSc. degree program (all majors) have a limit of 16 junior courses (any 1XXX) counting for graduation. This includes any 1st year course (1XXX) counting towards your major, GNEDs, and electives. Courses taken beyond this limit cannot be used towards your graduation requirements. 

Restrictions exist to ensure registration for specific student groups such as those in a particular major/program. Restrictions commonly relax and remove throughout the registration period and can do so until the add/drop date for each semester. Continue to check back at for changes/updates to course restrictions. If you have not gained a seat by the first week of classes, contact the Chair or Coordinator for the department running the course you are interested in and state your case for registering. 



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