Customize your degree with a major


Considering your major options is one of the top ways to customize your degree!


The Bachelor of Science program currently offers 6 unique majors:




Computer Science  

Environmental Science

General Science 



All 6 majors consist of 26-29 core courses, the central component of each 40 course degree.


Commonly asked questions about majors


The answer to this question is highly subjective and personal. This is a question you must answer for yourself. But here are some key points to consider during your decision process:
  1. Your future goals. You can't know what to do today if you don't know where you're trying to get to in the future. Let's say you want to be a doctor. Have you done thorough research on the profession, academic requirements, and what major would best help you get there? Searching keywords and occupations on the OccInfo site here is a good place to start!
  2. Your future goals. This is such an important factor in choosing whether or not to change your minor, we thought we should list it twice! Career services and Wellness services can both offer you guidance in designing these goals.
  3. Your personal interests. If you don't find your program interesting, you'll likely have a hard time successfully making through. Your major should stir your passion for learning and education.
  4. Timeline. If you switch majors, how many semesters might it set you back? If it's significant, you should have a compelling case for switching. Check in with advising to ask "what if?"
The processes to transfer between majors exists, however, is not guaranteed and highly competitive within the Faculty of Science and Technology.

As there is no guarantee that students will be able to change their majors, it's advised you acquaint yourself with the program of study you have accepted, understand its associated requirements, and plan to follow it to its completion. You can expect to be advised as a student who is planning to graduate from your current program of study. If accepted into your new major, subsequent changes to your plan can be addressed at that time.
Transfer between majors in the Bachelor of Science

Continuing Bachelor of Science students who wish to transfer from their current major into Chemistry, Environmental Science, General Science or Geology must follow the major declaration process. Major Declaration forms are due by February 1. Students will be considered for transfer into these majors if they have successfully completed four courses while in the Bachelor of Science program. For all of these majors, the decision to approve a change of major is not guaranteed and will be based on:

  1. A competitive Grade Point Average earned on three specific courses required for entrance: MATH 1200, CHEM 120X and GNED 140X.

  2. The projected availability of seats in Chemistry, Environmental Science, General Science and Geology majors.

Students completing courses required for transfer into their intended major in the fall semester will have decisions communicated to them by March 1.

Students completing courses required for transfer into their intended major in the winter semester will have decisions communicated to them by May 15. Students are strongly encouraged to seek advising from one of the Science and Technology Advisors before registering in courses for the following term. 

There is no major declaration process for students who wish to transfer from their current major into the Biology Major or Computer Science Major. Students wishing to gain access to these majors must apply through Admissions.

Students are strongly encouraged to follow the program requirements of their current major, Students interested in changing majors are strongly advised to become competitive for their desired major.

Again, the answer to this question is highly subjective and personal. We believe a more beneficial question to ask is: "What CAN'T my major do for me?" Will a Chemistry degree, for example, prevent you from being a doctor, pharmacist, politician, etc? It won't! It will however, help you build some careers quicker than others. Visit our 'Using Your Degree' page for more career resources.
Here is an EXTREMELY limited list of career options by major:
Major Possible Careers
General Science
Environmental Science
  • Agrologist, P.Ag.
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Monitor
  • Environmental Compliance Specialist
  • Air and Water Quality Consultant
  • Reclamation Specialist
  • Waste Management Specialist
  • Sustainability Advisor
  • Professional Geoscientist, P.Geo.
  • Petroleum Geologist
  • Exploration Geologist
  • Environmental Geologist
  • Government Geologic Surveys and other research positions
  • Museum Researcher/Curator
Computer Science 
  • Application analyst/developer
  • Systems analyst/developer/administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Corporate security specialist
  • Web developer 
  • Gaming & Multimedia specialist
  • Software engineer


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