Customize your degree with minors!


A minor is another great way to further customize your degree...


Mount Royal University offers many minors to choose from, here are just a few:




Environmental Humanities

Film Studies



Indigenous Studies


Political Science


Women's & Gender Studies


All minors consist of 6-10 courses, and are an additional component of a 40 course degree; minors are not mandatory


Commonly asked questions about minors

The answer to this question is obviously highly subjective and personal. This is a question you must answer for yourself. But here are some things we think you should consider during your decision process.
  1. Your future goals. You can't know what to do today if you don't know where you're trying to get to in the future. Let's say you want to be a doctor. Have you done thorough research on the profession and if a minor would even help you get there?
  2. Your future goals. This is such an important factor in choosing whether or not to add minors, we thought we should say it again. Career services and wellness services can both offer you guidance in designing these goals.
  3. Your personal interests. If you don't find a minor interesting, you'll likely have a hard time successfully making through. Your minor should stir your passion for learning and education.
  4. Timeline. If you declare a minor, how many semesters might it set you back? If it's significant, you should have a compelling case for switching.
  5. And of course, chat with your advisor, we are here to help discuss your options!
All students in the Bachelor of Science program, regardless of major, may declare minors.
You can declare a minor at any time, however, it's strongly recommended that you do so as early in your degree as possible. You can also change your minors as many times as you'd like, however, we strongly recommend that you consult with one of your advisors before doing so. To declare your minor, complete the Minor Declaration form and submit it to the Registrar in A101 or email studentrecords@mtroyal.ca (using your @mtroyal.ca email and including your MRU ID#) and detail your choice of minor.
Ideally, declaring a minor will not extend your graduation timeline by too many courses. Most students consider 1 to 2 minors, 3 or more will result in 50+ courses required for graduation. To discuss the benefits and how to plan minors further, please contact us!
No. The designation for Minors will appear on the transcript but not on the degree parchment.
Let's say you declare a Business minor. If you plan it out right from the beginning, all of the 7 required business courses may also count as electives and general education courses. Thus, you could complete the minor without having to complete any more than your required 40. However, if you declare a Business minor near the end of your degree when you have no electives or general education courses left, the 7 required courses for the minor would be in addition to the 40 required by your degree.

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