Using Your Degree

Put your degree to use!


Your degree is an investment, now get a return on it.


The key to putting your degree to use is by starting your career building activities today and asking yourself the right questions along the way. Here are some questions we hear regularly and some other questions we think you should ask yourself throughout your degree.


Common Questions

Academic Advisors are commonly asked this question, our answer is: What can't you do with your degree?!
Again, the answer to this question is highly subjective and personal. We believe a more beneficial question to ask is: "What CAN'T my major do for me?" Will a Chemistry degree, for example, prevent you from being a doctor, pharmacist, politician, etc? It won't! It will however, help you build some careers quicker than others.
Here is an EXTREMELY limited list of some of the careers for each major.
Major Possible Careers
General Science
Environmental Science
  • Agrologist, P.Ag.
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Monitor
  • Environmental Compliance Specialist
  • Air and Water Quality Consultant
  • Reclamation Specialist
  • Waste Management Specialist
  • Sustainability Advisor
  • Professional Geoscientist, P.Geo.
  • Petroleum Geologist
  • Exploration Geologist
  • Environmental Geologist
  • Government Geologic Surveys and other research positions
  • Museum Researcher/Curator
Computer Science 
  • Application analyst/developer
  • Systems analyst/developer/administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Corporate security specialist
  • Web developer 
  • Gaming & Multimedia specialist
  • Software engineer

Could your Bachelor of Science degree assist you in becoming a...
  • Doctor? Absolutely! 
  • Academic? Why not?
  • Politician? Yes please!
  • Lab Technician? With all that lab work, I should hope so!
  • Art Historian? Certainly!

Clearly, your BSc will not prevent you from doing anything! In fact, it will help you get far closer to those careers, but it will not guarantee the dream job you want. Achieving your dream career will take many steps on a non-linear path.

It's the age-old question we're asked as kids and young adults. But it's not unimportant! Asking questions like "Should I do a minor? Should I change my major? Should I withdraw from my class?" can't be correctly answered until you have a clear picture of your long-term goals.

We're Academic Advisors, not Career Advisors. But there are many fantastic resources available to you. Here are just a few:
As you probably know, there is no "one size fits all" answer here. However, we've outlined some tips and resources here to help with the process.

As you probably know, there is no silver bullet here. However, we've outlined some tips and resources here to help with the process.


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