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F2017 W2018 S2018 F2018
 ASTR 1101 - The Solar System chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 ASTR 1103 - The Universe at Large chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 ASTR 1301 - Planetary Astronomy chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 ASTR 1303 - Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology  chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 ASTR 2105 - Astrobiology  chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    


 F2017  W2018  S2018  F2018
 BCEM 2201 - General Biochemistry chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 BCEM 3201 - Protein Biochemistry chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 BCEM 3202 - Enzymes and Metabolic Systems chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 BCEM 4212 - Biochemical Pharmacology chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4



 F2017  W2018  S2018  F2018
 CHEM 0115 - Basic Chemistry I chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 0130 - Basic Chemistry II chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 1201 - General Chemistry - Structure and Bonding chph_syllabus_icon chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 1202 - General Chemistry - Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry  chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 1203 - The Organic Chemistry of Life chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 2101 - Organic Chemistry I chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 2102 - Organic Chemistry II chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 2157 - Industrial Organic Chemistry chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 CHEM 2205 - Computers in Chemistry chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 2211 - The Chemistry Between Us chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 2301 - Analytical Chemistry I: Quantitative Analysis  chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 2302 - Analytical Chemistry II: Introduction to Instrumental Analysis chph_syllabus_icon     chph_checkmark4    
 CHEM 2401 - Inorganic Chemistry  chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 3103 - Advanced Organic Synthesis chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 CHEM 3201 - Spectroscopy  chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 3299 - Directed Readings chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4 chph_checkmark4   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 3401 - Solid State chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    
 CHEM 3601 - Thermodynamics chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 3602 - Elementary Quantum Mechanics  chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 CHEM 3801 - Nuclear Chemistry -  not offered until CHEM Major is approved chph_syllabus_icon        
 CHEM 3802 - The Science and Politics of Nuclear Energy chph_syllabus_icon     chph_checkmark4    
 CHEM 4213 - Drug Discovery  chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 CHEM 4299 - Directed Readings  chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4 chph_checkmark4   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 4411 - Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis - not offered until CHEM Major is approved chph_syllabus_icon        
 CHEM 4701 - Molecular Modelling - not offered until CHEM Major is approved chph_syllabus_icon        
 CHEM 5201 - Independent Projects I chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 CHEM 5202 - Independent Projects II chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 Natural Sciences Course

 F2017  W2018  S2018  F2018
 NTSC 1115 - An Introduction to Forensic Science chph_syllabus_icon   chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    chph_checkmark4
 NTSC 3000 - Experimental Science for Elementary Education  chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
  Physics Course

 F2017  W2018  S2018  F2018
 PHYS 0130 - Introductory Physics chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 PHYS 1104 - Everyday Physics - A Conceptual Introduction chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
PHYS 1201 - Classical Physics I chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 PHYS 1202 - Classical Physics II chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4 chph_checkmark4   chph_checkmark4
 PHYS 2101 - Energy and Climate chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4     chph_checkmark4 
 PHYS 2103 - Radiation Medicine and Imaging chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 PHYS 2201 - Acoustics, Optics and Radiation chph_syllabus_icon chph_checkmark4       
 PHYS 2203 - Electromagnetism chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 PHYS 2221 - Universe-shaking Ideas chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 PHYS 2401 - Nanotechnology: An Overview chph_syllabus_icon chph_checkmark4       chph_checkmark4
 PHYS 3103 - Introduction to Biophysics chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 PHYS 3401 - Solid State chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4    
 PHYS 3601 - Thermodynamics chph_syllabus_icon  chph_checkmark4      chph_checkmark4
 PHYS 3602 - Elementary Quantum Mechanics chph_syllabus_icon    chph_checkmark4    
 PHYS 3199 - Directed Readings chph_syllabus2  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
 PHYS 4199 - Directed Readings chph_syllabus2  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4  chph_checkmark4
Science Course
 F2017 W2018 S2018 F2018
 SCIE 0130 - Science of the Environment chph_syllabus_icon chph_checkmark4 chph_checkmark4  



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