Tatiana Rogasevskaia


Tatiana Rogasevskaia

PhD (Academy of Sciences/Moscow State University)
M.Sc. (Kishinev State University)

Office: B342I
Phone: 403.440.8860
E-mail: trogasevskaia@mtroyal.ca

Dr. Tatiana Rogasevskaia is an Associate Professor at Mount Royal University and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary. She is interested in studying the molecular mechanism of regulated membrane fusion: the phenomenon that underlies many cellular events, including fertilization and neurotransmitter release. This research operates on the interface of Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry. As a powerful tool to expand knowledge in this area, Tatiana uses Quantitative Proteomics and Lipidomics to study protein and lipid functions in complex biological systems.

Teaching Expertise Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Membrane Biology, Lipidomics, Proteomics, Enzymology, Exocytosis/Membrane Fusion, Metabolic Systems