Curriculum & Courses

Curriculum & Courses

For full course descriptions, use the online Academic Calendar.

You may complete up to 20 academic courses before transferring to another university to complete your degree. The suggested program consists of eight to nine computer courses, three math courses and one philosophy course. In addition, there are several strongly recommended options.

Before taking a course, you should verify that you can receive transfer credit at the university where you plan to finish your studies. You can find more information in the online Alberta Transfer Guide.

You can also get guidance from Mount Royal's Academic Advisors.

Here is the suggested course pattern for the Bachelor of Science - Computer Science program.

Required Courses:

  • COMP 1631 - Introduction to Computer Science I
  • COMP 1633 - Introduction to Computer Science II
  • COMP 2613 - Introduction to Computability
  • COMP 2631 - Information Structures I
  • COMP 2633 - Foundations of Software Engineering
  • COMP 2655 - Computing Machinery I
  • COMP 2659 - Computing Machinery II
  • COMP 3649 - Programming Paradigms
  • MATH 1200 - Calculus for Scientists I
  • MATH 1203 - Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers
  • MATH 1271 - Discrete Mathematics
  • PHIL 1179 - Introduction to Symbolic Logic
  • Three Options
  • Five Non-science Options

Recommended Options:

  • ENGL 2263 - Technical Writing
  • MATH 1224 - Introduction to Statistics

Note: In accordance with University of Calgary policy, students are normally permitted to repeat a course only once.