Our Instructors

Rita Karmakar

ssdata_con_ritaRita Karmakar was born in the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh and moved to Calgary in her early youth. As wonderful an exponent of many different genres of Indian music as she is, her early training was in Rabindra Sangeet – songs by Tagore. Starting in her childhood, she completed a seven-year certificate program in this area with Dr. Sanjida Khatun at the famed institute ‘Chayanot’. Later, in her more mature days, she trained with Dr. Thate Bhat in Indian classical music for five more years.


Rita is a resident of Calgary and is heavily involved in the Indian cultural scene. She started as a volunteer teacher at The School of (East) Indian Languages & Performing Arts (SILPA) in 2001 and has been a Performing Arts Director since 2007. Her endless energy keeps her involved with many other cultural and learning institutions such as the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, the Mahatma Gandhi Society of Calgary and Edmonton, and the Faculty of Art and Music at the University of Calgary. Rita cherishes the opportunity to accompany Pandit Jasraj on tanpura as a milestone in her life. She also treasures her learning moments with Pandit Jasraj and many other teachers. Rita is deeply passionate about passing down all her knowledge to the young generation of Canada-born children of South-Asian origin.


Rita has received the honour of "Sangeet Guru" and attends many different music competitions as an adjudicator and judge here in Canada. She has enjoyed composing her own music, directing, running and designing musical programs, and conducting day long workshops. She also provides lectures and demonstrations at the University of Calgary and other institutions across Canada.