Giving to Student Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

The Top 5 Reasons to Create a Personal Legacy Fund with the Mount Royal Conservatory:

1. Music and the performing arts are transformational. By helping a student during a time of financial need, you will positively impact their life forever.

2. The Conservatory is known for its exceptional faculty — scholarships enable students to continue their studies with those who can truly bring out students’ inner potential.

3. Donors can tailor their scholarships to a particular instrument, level of study, or other criteria. Where and how you give should also bring meaning to you.

4. A quality arts education creates benefits that last a lifetime and ripple throughout society. The student whose life you touched may become the doctor, engineer, businessperson or concert musician who impacts you or your family’s lives in years to come.

5. Scholarships of any size can make a difference. The Conservatory can pool smaller donations that, combined, can significantly impact a student’s life for the better.

We also believe it’s important to invest locally. As a donor to the Conservatory, you will have the opportunity to see in action the performers whose lives you have touched.

Finally, students who attend the Mount Royal Conservatory have something special about them. They are motivated, engaged, and ready to take on the world — whether musically or in another discipline.

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