Program Description



The Academy Program for Young Artists offers participants a comprehensive music education featuring a balanced, performance-based course of study, with inspiring opportunities to creatively work and perform with professional musicians and world renowned instructors

  Strings, Piano and Woodwinds/Brass | Guitar | Voice


The Academy Program runs from September to May with classes and activities taking place on Mondays, as well as either Fridays or Saturdays, and may include the following components: 

  • weekly masterclasses with designated Academy faculty, accompanied by an assigned collaborative pianist
  • regular sessions with world-renowned guest artists
  • weekly chamber music coachings or group classes (depending on level)
  • weekly or bi-weekly rehearsals (depending on level and instrument) with an assigned collaborative pianist
  • weekly participation in our Orchestral Program (orchestral instruments) or in our Choral Program (non-orchestral instruments)
  • weekly Music Literacy classes offered for different levels and ages
  • frequent recitals aimed at developing confidence and stage presence
  • emphasis is placed on peer support and a creative, inspiring and positive learning environment for all!


The Academy Program offers young artists the opportunity to progress at an accelerated pace. Participants gain essential artistic experience in a variety of settings, including regular performances for audiences that may consist of peers, faculty members, guest artists and the public.

The Academy Program is divided into distinct levels: Junior, Intermediate, Associate and Senior. In addition, we offer a special Honours class which is suitable for extraordinary young talents accelerating at a pace beyond their age. Class sizes for all levels (normally 5-10 students) warrant a great degree of interaction between teacher and students and allow for more one-on-one time than the average group class. For university level students, please see our Advanced Performance Program.

The Academy Program's reputation is known and respected throughout the world, with many of its graduates being sought-after and continuing their musical studies in leading post-secondary music schools in Canada, the United States and Europe.