Audition Information

Auditioning for the CYO

The CYO holds auditions in May each year. Auditions are not held at any other time during the year. Playing level for CYO members is a minimum grade 9 level,  Royal Conservatory of Music.

It is recommended that applicants take private lessons.

Please bring a photocopy of the music from your own selection to the audition.

All new and returning students — including Academy and APP students — must book an in person CYO audition. For Academy / APP students, this is in addition to their Academy audition.

Auditions are:

  • 15 minutes in length
  • scheduled between 4 and 9 p.m.
  • by appointment only
  • open to musicians ages 14 - 24
  • held at Mount Royal University, Lincoln Park Campus.

2019 audition dates:

  • May 6-10

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance of your appointed audition time. Audition warm-up rooms will be available.Audition requirements for returning students

Audition requirements for ALL RETURNING STUDENTS (including Academy and APP students):

  • Material from Mahler, Symphony #5
  • One own selection.

Audition requirements for new applicants


  • Two contrasting selections (one slow, one fast)
  • 3-octave scales and arpeggios: one major, one minor (key is student’s choice)
  • Spiccato, legato bowings
  • Sight reading


  • Two contrasting movements or two contrasting studies (one slow, one fast)
  • 2- or 3-octave scales and arpeggios, one major, one minor (student’s choice), with different articulations (slurred and tongued)
  • Sight reading


  • Pieces or studies for the following instruments: timpani, snare drum, xylophone or marimba, cymbals
  • Sight reading


  • Two contrasting movements or two contrasting studies (one slow, one fast)
  • 3-octave scales and arpeggios with different articulations
  • Sight reading

Booking your CYO audition

Audition scheduling for the 2019 year is now closed. Please check back in April 2020 to apply for the 2020-2021 year.

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