Suzuki Piano Program

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Program Overview

Mount Royal Conservatory's Suzuki Piano Program offers all the components necessary for complete instrumental study and child development in accordance with the Suzuki method and philosophy.Students in the Suzuki Method learn music in a simple and direct way, similar to the way they learn to speak. Throughout the Suzuki growing process, the student thrives in an atmosphere of continual support and understanding. Every aspect of the Suzuki program is dedicated to the child — from repertoire, lesson length and seating at the instrument to the positive pedagogic approach. Parents participate actively, attending lessons and practicing with their child at home.

Between the ages of 3 and 5, children and one of their parents begin formal studio lessons. These weekly music lessons group the student and participating parent with similar aged children and their parents. Group lessons allow students to have fun with their peers while they explore music theory, posture development, performance practice, tone study, ensemble playing, etc. Public recitals are held during both the Fall and Spring terms. As well, informal get-togethers and home concerts provide frequent performance opportunities.

The MRU Conservatory's Suzuki Piano Program is supported by the Mount Royal Suzuki Piano Parents Association (MRSPPA).

Program components

  • Introduction to the Suzuki Philosophy and Method: An 8-hour course of instruction for parents before students begin the program;
  • Private weekly piano lessons, taught by certified Suzuki piano instructors;
  • Group classes based on the common Suzuki repertoire, providing students the opportunity to gain valuable ensemble experience and positive reinforcement of concepts learned in individual lessons. These classes are a motivational tool, as children love to do what they have seen other children doing;
  • Fall Workshop: Students participate in a one-hour masterclass with up to four other students and a guest clinician, take part in a related musical group class with a guest clinician, and participate in a musical activity class scheduled during the parent education session;
  • Winter Festival: Students play a performance-ready piece before a guest adjudicator, allowing them to experience a music festival performance format.
  • Winter and Spring Recitals: Grouped according to instructor, these recitals provide an opportunity for students to be play for family and friends and to celebrate their achievements.
  • Graduation Recitals: A minimum 20-minute solo performance of the Suzuki repertoire level that has been completed, celebrating the achievement of completing that level.
  • Suzuki Summer Institutes: Five days of masterclasses, group classes and repertoire classes with their Suzuki peers. Parent education workshops and teacher training coincide with the student learning which, together, provides an environment of listening, performing, observing and being challenged with new ideas based on the Suzuki Method. The camp-like experience provides inspiration for the next year's weekly lessons and continued student progress.


To register for Suzuki Piano, submit an online lesson placement request form or call the Conservatory at 403.440.6821