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Speech Arts & Drama Group Classes

cons_img_starwars-shakespeareComposite of images from the May 2015 Speech Arts & Drama Young Shakespeare Company's production, William Shakespeare's STAR WARS.

Group classes are an excellent introduction to the Speech Arts and Drama program and provide a safe, supportive and creative atmosphere which allows both reluctant and eager performers to achieve their best.

Students learn to use their voices: to speak clearly, to be heard, and to speak with expression and energy. Confidence, a love of language and an appreciation for the art of speaking develop as students work in the program.Our group programs are suited for children new to speech arts and drama, as well as those with experience. Our small class sizes (5-10 children) are designed to suit children of particular age ranges. Children may enter the program at any age, and will find the classes challenging and fun.

New to our Speech Arts & Drama program? Check out our guide to navigating Speech Arts & Drama, with answers to the most frequently asked questions about our classes.

Rhymes and Rhythms
Ages 4 & 5
A Speech and Drama class designed for young children. The developmental approach and small class size encourages young children to develop clear, expressive speech and confident communication.

Act Up, Speak Out!
Ages 6-9
Children have fun, build confidence, and discover the power of the voice and the pleasure of language and literature in a creative, dynamic atmosphere. 

Speak Up Make Your Point
Ages 10-13
Speak for yourself with energy, clarity and confidence and develop presentation skills crucial to success in today's world.

Ages 7 - 12 (School grades 2 - 7)
Enhanced speech and drama training and performance classes. An exciting opportunity for students to experience the enriched content of private-lesson study in the dynamic atmosphere of a group class. The achievement of excellence in personal performance goals is the aim of the Speechworks program

Debate Club
The perfect opportunity for students in grades 6–12 to explore and refine their debating skills, with our Junior and Senior Debate Clubs.

Ages 10 - 12, School Grades 5 - 7
This fun and dynamic class is a perfect introduction to improvisation for beginners, and a great opportunity for experienced improvisers to hone their skills.

Stage Combat
Ages 15 +
MRU Conservatory is pleased to offer this exciting opportunity!

Styles of stage combat to be covered will include Unarmed/Hand to Hand, Single Sword and Swashbuckling.  The emphasis of this course is on the development of technique with a focus on accuracy and safety.


Speech Arts & Drama customized daytime classes
The Mount Royal University Conservatory Speech Arts and Drama program offers a multi-dimensional exploration of literature, performance and voice development and is geared at developing authentic and artistic communication skills.


 "We highly recommend the MRU Conservatory Speech Arts & Drama Program. For parents who want to see their child having fun while they develop confidence and the ability to clearly speak and present in front of one or 100 people this program is for you!" — M & W Copeland

"I believe deeply in the value of the Speech Arts & Drama Program at Mount Royal. My siblings and I participated... for 17 years. (We) benefited from the exposure to literature, the development of public speaking skills, and the tangible connection between practice and successful performance... . What wasn't anticipated was the self-assuredness, critical thinking skills, voracious appetite for reading, and the ability for eloquent, extemporaneous spoken expression we gained from our experiences... As diverse as our professional interests are, all of us draw on aspects of our speech education regularly..." — L.G. Field