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Presentation MRU: March 9 and 10, 2019

Calgary's non-competitive speech & drama festival, and the Elizabeth Parnham Storytelling Celebration*

Whether your students are just beginning to explore speech arts or have years of performance experience, Presentation MRU is an excellent opportunity to develop their skills. Adjudicators for this program are of the highest caliber, providing valuable feedback for all students. Presentation MRU is open to all speech arts and drama students in Calgary.

Welcome to Presentation MRU 2019: important information for teachers and students.

Elizabeth Parnham Memorial Scholarship: Celebrating the legacy of Elizabeth Parnham.

Presentation MRU offers classes to suit all interests and ages

Presentation MRU Solo Classes  Presentation MRU Group Classes

• Concert
• Impromptu Speaking
• Lyric Poetry
• Mime
• Narrative/Dramatic Poetry
• Prose
• Public Speaking

• Shakespeare Scene
• Solo Scene
• Sonnet
• Sonnet Sequence
• Storytelling



• Duologue
• Group Scene
• Readers Theatre
• Ensemble

Elizabeth Parnham Storytelling Celebration Classes*
  • Elizabeth Parnham Storytelling Celebration


See the 2019 Presentation MRU Syllabus for a listing of all classes.  

Please note: Performers will be scheduled according to the following age groups:

Primary: 8 years and under; Junior: 9 - 11 years; Intermediate, 12 - 14 years; Senior: 15 years and overRegistration

Registration period November 19 - December 17, 2018.

Students need not make a decision regarding the exact pieces they will be performing but must register in a specific class. This registration time is to facilitate programming and to provide the schedule information for teachers and students in a timely manner.

Registrations will not be accepted after the closing date.

The festival schedule will be e-mailed to teachers February 5, 2019.

Classes will be held in MRU's Main Campus building.

Solo Classes: $18 per class
Group Classes: $10 per person per class

To download the Presentation MRU registration forms in PDF format, click on the desired form link below:

A Special Request space is included on the registration form — although preferences for dates and times will be considered, we cannot guarantee approval for these requests.

For further information on Speech Arts & Drama courses, contact the Conservatory at 403.440.6821.

Registration and Payment

Registration may be made at the Conservatory Reception desk in the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts.

Registration may be made by phone by calling 403.440.6821.  Phone registrations must be accompanied by email or fax of the registration form. 

Email:, fax: 403.440.7277.

* The Elizabeth Parnham Storytelling Celebration class is held in conjunction with Presentation MRU and celebrates the life and legacy of former Conservatory speech instructor and program coordinator, Elizabeth Parnham.

Registration in the Elizabeth Parnham Storytelling Celebration is limited to Speech and Drama students of the MRU Conservatory (including Speech & Drama students of MRU Conservatory Off-Campus Instructors).

The Elizabeth Parnham Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to the most outstanding storyteller in each of three age categories: 12 years and under, 13 - 14 years, and 15 years and over.