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Speech Arts & Drama

Private Lessons
One-on-one instruction is the way to go for children ages 4 and up eager to develop expressive speech in a structured, goal-setting environment.

Our private lesson program sets the standard across Canada, with a reputation built over a century. Our curriculum is multidimensional and programs are tailored to meet the needs and interests of each student. Development of vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, skill in improvised and prepared performance, creativity and confidence are all outcomes of our program. 

For more information about opportunities within the program, please follow the link to Navigating the Speech and Drama program.

On-campus instructors
Off-campus instructors

Seamus Dobbin
Susan Duska
Kurc Martell
Jennifer Orr

Grant Paterson

Becky Richards

Dianne Steen

Cheryl Vandergraaf

Susan Duska
Crescent Heights

Donna Holstine Vander-Valk



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