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Suzuki Trumpet

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Be part of something special—the first official Suzuki trumpet program in North America, starting this Fall at Mount Royal Conservatory

Mount Royal Conservatory's new Suzuki trumpet program is the first of its kind in North America. Taught by the Conservatory's Natalie DeJong, the first accredited Suzuki trumpet instructor in North America, this program will pilot the use of the first Suzuki trumpet book, currently awaiting publication.

Participants — both students and parents alike — will play a key role in contributing to shaping the future of the Suzuki trumpet method. Be a part of this historic program for children, who will embark on an exciting musical journey through learning to play the trumpet.

Endorsed by the Suzuki Association of the Americas and the European Suzuki Association, the trumpet program will deliver musical and instrumental instruction in accordance with the proven Suzuki method instructional philosophy:

  • Supportive atmosphere, tailored to the learning pace of each child
  • Musical and instrumental skills gained though step-by-step learning
  • Learning instrumental skills before learning to read music and play simultaneously
  • Parental involvement, including parents learning to become at-home practice coaches
  • Individual attention in private lessons, and group learning in a positive social environment

Pocket trumpetThe year-long program provides balance between working on musical literacy and gaining instrumental skills so that students develop the ability to read music and to play the instrument with beautiful tone and strong technique. Children will learn how to play the trumpet in the same way as they learn how to speak their native language: with a natural, step-by-step process based on listening, watching, and building on their own “musical-instrumental vocabulary.”

Children will listen, sing, play musical games, and will transfer their skills to the instrument starting on “pocket trumpets”: real instruments, sized for little people.

Parental participation will be vital to sharing the musical journey with the student; parents will attend lessons and have fun learning, while developing a deep, rich relationship with their child as they work together to learn to make music on the trumpet.

 Instructor: Natalie DeJong


To register for Suzuki Trumpet, submit an online lesson placement request form or call the Conservatory at 403.440.6821